Can you Mix without fancy plugins?


Do you think it’s possible to get a commercial sounding mix using only “stock” plugins? Matt Butler can!  Matt is one of our contributors, product reviewers and Mix Coaches on MixCoach Member.  Matt is always up for a challenge, so he decided to take last month’s session files and mix it using only stock plugins.  I’d say he rocked it.  He also recorded it and walks you through every step in a 9 video course called “The Art of Balancing a Mix – Mixing with only Stock Plugins”.

Here’s what you get with the “The Art of Balancing a Mix – Mixing with only Stock Plugins” course:

  • 9 High-Definition downloadable videos walking you through the lost art of “balancing” a mix.
  • Downloadable Pro Tools Session files. (you can import these into any DAW though)
  • Confidence that you don’t have to go broke trying to keep up with the latest plugins… you can mix

Most new mixers want to grab the newest and greatest compressors, EQ’s and verbs while missing the basics of mixing… the balance.  Balance is what sets the seasoned mixer from the newbieArt of Balancing a Mix

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“The Art of Balancing a Mix – with Matt Butler” Available now!



  1. Your new balance tutorial looks very good, but I dont have the money now to purchase it even with the discount you are offering, When I finally get the money I will buy the cd,s. Maybe there will be a discount further down the road.
    I like everything on your website, but life and commitments usually get in the way of fun.

  2. Hello Kevin,
    I’m considering to purchase the balancing tutorial but i don’t work in protools. Is that a problem?

    1. hey Patrick. Matt does mix this in pro tools, but the insight that he has would apply to any DAW… also, if you don’t like, there is a money back guarantee too…


    2. I just finished the whole series and the techniques and the ideas used in it translate into any daw. Wow, it is a great set of videos. I will be poting a review very soon.

    3. I just finished the whole series and the techniques and the ideas used in it translate into any daw. Wow, it is a great set of videos. I will be posting a review very soon.

  3. Nice job on this Matt! I really appreciate the fact that you focused on the “why” more than the “how”. I get a lot more out of it when you do this. Sometimes it was even funny when you would make the sounds you were trying to to correct. “I want to get rid of the hmmph hmmph”!

    The minimalistic approach was refreshing. Focus on the basics and really get them right. Makes such a difference. I have started to spend more time on the balance before going forward.

    You gave some really great tips. One in particular that hit me was the vantage point of the overheads. Never really thought of that. You know I have been panning my drums without considering that. Probably have toms panned left when they are on the right in the OH’s on more than a few mixes I have done. Man, it makes so much sense when you explained it.

    It was particularly helpful that the mix you did was one I was just working on. Although the techniques would help any mix. I have been checking things more with my eyes closed too. Can’t tell you how many times my ears said it sounded better with the plugin bypassed when I wasn’t looking. So many good tips!!!

  4. We have had a couple of issues with some audio files missing in the session files. When I get home from Florida this week I will work on uploading a fix. If you have an issue please drop us a line here. Thanks so much you guys for the support!

  5. I downloaded the videos and also installed Quick Time 3 times. The only thing I get is audio, but no video. I find $67 dollars a lot to pay only for Matt’s voice. I like the guy, but not that much. 🙂

    UPDATE FROM KEVIN: There are issues with quicktime playing on Windows Machines. If you have this problem, use VLC player.

  6. Hee Matt
    I finally got the videos running. I loved the way that you were sometimes at a loss for words. And all the musical sounds you made were great. But enough joking. I loved the way you set up the video explaining everything the way you did. I enjoyed every minute of the video and would like to thank you again for making it. The only things I am having problems with are the reverb and delays. I still cant get the feel of how to set these up. When I solo a track I can really hear the delay, but in the mix I dont hear it, or very little and then ending up putting too much on the mix. The same is with reverb. I just call it a learning curve.
    Again thank you very much for the videos and your time .

    Danny Miller
    Mixcoach Member and FRIEND

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