MixCoach- Mastering. Kevin Talks To Ryan Ruff About Mastering.

Have you ever had a bad experience with sending away a mix you’re proud of ┬áto be mastered only for this mix to return nearly RUINED? Ryan Ruff, of Ruff Mix Studios and Kevin talk specifically about this major issue in this weeks video.

The video offers insight into Kevin’s approach to mastering. He discusses everything from picking a mastering engineer, to working with artists who view mastering only as an afterthought. Here is a short 8 minute clip of the full 30 minute video. For the rest of the video check out MixCoach.com/member

If you’ve got any stories, or insight to share on mastering we’d love to hear from you!

Also, if you’d like to talk to Alan Silverman about mastering, his website is Here [Tell him Kevin sent you!]