MixCoach Playbook – How to listen to mixes in more detail (Xray Vision 1.0)

Here’s a little trick I learned from faulty headphones. I’ll show you how to listen to L/R information in a mix by using phase inversion.




  1. Hey Kevin, Just to let you know this video seems to get stuck half way through. Thanks for all your amazing tips – I really appreciate all your work. cheers from England, UK!

    1. Thank you Mark. I appreciate the cheers from the UK. What part?

      I just listened to the whole video. Although it loads a little slow (probably because it’s in HD) it played here without delay. I wonder if your service is a little slow today. Let me know if you continue to have problems with this.


  2. Hey Kevin, if bin watchin youre videos and i like what you
    do here, while i have a little qeustion about mixin with eq. I
    really want to know wich instrument/sound(bass, guitar, kicks,
    snares, hihats) has what kind of Hz because in the most eq you see
    this. i want to get the most out of my sound thats why, if you some
    small tablet or schedule, or a link. Thanks a lot, Greetings

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