MixCoach Playbook – How to warm up your new tube mic

Have you ever wondered what the big appeal is for having old vintage tube mics? This is my theory.

While “Time heals all wounds”… it also warms most mics.



  1. Hey Kevin. Thanks for this video. I have a few questions if I may….

    1) Does having a tube preamp and condenser mic produce a similar sound to a tube mic into a non-tube preamp?

    2) If working with a condenser mic into a tube preamp would leaving the tube preamp on be equivalent to leaving the tube mic as you suggest in the video?

    3) I know ‘affordable’ is a relative term but what affordable tube mics or tube mic pres would you recommend?

    PS I took your advice and swapped my RE20 for a SE z3300a condenser mic. Results are better already but I still have to do quite a bit of ‘warming up’ in the box to get a vocal sound that I am happy with.

  2. Hey Kevin what mic is you Tube Mic?

    I have a Miktek C7 condenser at the moment.

    Looking into a CV4 have you had any run-ins with it?

    Or do you have a Tube suggestion?


    1. Hey Phillip. I have a Studio Projects T3 (older one). I’m afraid I don’t know what kind of tube is in it. I have a friend that I will contact that may know some stuff. I’ll see if I can get a hold of him.

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