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5 things every great mixer knows video, it’s HERE

If you’d like to see the New Features of Mixbus 2 tutorials, go HERE

If you’d like to download the Mixer’s toolkit sessions, go HERE.

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Here are the session file downloads for the MixCoach Playbook series


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  1. Hi Kevin

    Just a note to say thanks for making your knowledge available – it is really refreshing to see your enthusiasm. Contagious!

    We are a small studio (Estudio Duende) in the mountains of southern Spain; always looking for ways to improve our techniques and skills.

    with best wishes

  2. Hello Kevin , I want to thank you for careing so Much so Share your wisdom. and your experance. it means alot , it gives me hope.

  3. hi! kevin
    thank u much for your helpfull videos
    i am working as a recording producer in Tanaznia (east africa) i was real not went to a production college but real your video made me rock,,,,,, thanx in advans…can you one day tend to visit us in tanzania? u are warmly welcome to get know our tourism zonal

  4. Hi Kevin
    I tried to download the audio files you sent me to Mixbus, and they would not load for some reason…Maybe there’s something I’m doing wrong, or something I’m unaware of…I did listen to them in Windows Media Player….Please advise.

  5. thanks a million for the great professional yet simple techniques. it has greatly improved my mixing and music scope.

  6. Hi Kevin, I have so Much graditude for all you do for myself as well as so many others. Sometimes learning how to Mix can be frustrating, but you are always there is seems when myself as well as others need you. I truely appreciate everything you do to Teach me what I love so Much, to be an Artist, Creating Music through Mixing.

  7. “Holy Finally Understanding Complete Knowledge” with the MixBus videos on Editor and Mix windows!!
    I did purchase your Mixing Country but these two videos seem clearer, definitely better resolution, that helps a lot.
    Thank You Kevin, that was an amazing and concise run thru… ; r )

  8. Do you have any templates for MixBus for different genres of music to experiment with to get started and then we can learn to improve them possibly? Thx in advance ; r )

  9. I have to say though that MixBus crashes a lot in OSX 10.8.4
    And lots of times certain buttons become inoperable! Definitely buggy, sure the price was almost right, I’ve worked with Audicity in lots of situations and never had this many glitches and Audicity is free!! Anyone have thoughts and/or ideas? Thx

  10. thanks for all the Presets Kevin, I was wondering if you could do a video on Reverb, once I got to understand how Reverb works I realize , that I needed to know more about Reverb and its settings , Reverb is so Much More then a series of Echo,s and Delays . I’d appreciate it thanks Kevin

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