MixCoach Podcast 010 : How The Words You Use Affect Performance

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On this episode of the MixCoach Podcast, Kevin talks about what vocabulary should be used or avoided in the studio. Why harsh words are not the answer. Dismantling the bomb with words.


What are some substitution phrases you can use?

Example: Bad: Dude, that performance was boring!

Good: Can you do that one more time and Really make me believe it?



  1. Hey Kevin! I just wanted to let you know that about a week ago I discovered your website and am very happy that I did. Originally I was only aware of homestudiocorner.com and then I discovered your website (mixcoach.com) and therecordingrevolution.com and I have to say all three of you just have such a great array of different and very informative information to offer to home studio owners like myself. Everyday I check back at all 3 of your websites to see whats new. As far as the mixcoach podcast #10 I couldn’t agree more. Many studio owners, especially the professionals up high in the business, feel that if a singer/performer sucks than you should be honest and outright tell them. I completely disagree. I had a vocalist come into my studio about a month ago early in the morning and I didn’t know that he wasn’t an early morning type of person so he was tired and he even made comments that his vocals really weren’t pulling through that day. So in my mind I was thinking “Let’s see if we can work out a night time session since he says he’s better around that time but lets also see how we can make this morning session workout for today.” So I slowly encouraged him more and more and joked around with him for a little bit and then started just recording him over and over so he could warm up. Before you knew it you would never have been able to tell that his vocals sounded so horrible initially. BUT I never told him that they sounded horrible I stood by and gave him confidence. I have the same mentality as you seem to have where a recording session and the studio atmosphere should resemble somewhat of a family atmosphere where the artist can feel comfortable and right at home no matter what the situation may be.

    1. Hey, Thanks for the words of experience Brian. There’s nothing more powerful than words… seriously.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Just curious, how did you find MixCoach.com?


      1. Well I found mixcoach.com through the two other websites that I mentioned. First I was on homestudiocorner.com and I saw a post that mentioned Graham Cochrane so I visited his website over at therecordingrevolution.com. Then on his website I ran across a video interview that you and Graham did and in that video I heard you mention your website so I decided to check it out.

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