MixCoach Podcast 013 : If you want your drums punchy, you have to look at drum phase

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On this episode of the MixCoach Podcast, Kevin describes where his drum process begins. He talks about getting the phase right from the beginning.


What’s the first thing you do to get the drums sounding like you like it?… eq, levels, compression, phase?… I’m all ears!


  1. So far, I have mostly concentrated on the top and bottom snare mics and the kick related to the snare and OHs when thinking about phase. Then I have usually used compressor and/or tape saturation and possible some EQ.

    But after watching your video “Mix Jazz & Big Band”, I have started to check every drum track against the OHs, and the way of choosing the best Ø and then fine tune by nudging the track really works great. I fact, I now change my work flow to check every multi-mic recorded instrument (if time allows it) – at least, one can always select and the best phase, that is not time consuming.

    Unfortunate, in Mixbus/Ardour (as I use), you can only switch the phase in the mixer part and not the track itself (that will be changed in a near future version). This makes it a little more difficult to work visually in order to fine tune phase problems by nudging a track. Luckily, I asked for help in the Ardour forums, and one person directed me to this plugin who seems to do both 180 switch as well as fie tuning:

    The phase segments in this plugin are made for phase corrections for multi-microphone recordings. This plugin have so far worked very well for me and corrections are done in no time. I’m a Linux user, so I do not know what the Windows and Mac world have as choices when it comes to plugins like this, but I guess that you have very much more to choose from.

    I’ve just started (one week or so) to work more systematic about phasing and my ears need no learn more about this. Thanks Kevin for another inspiring and educational podcast.


  2. EDIT: Sorry, the “..need no learn.. ” should of course be “need to learn”

  3. Hey Joestein. Great Comment. I checked out Pro Gate. I wish I could get my hands on it to try it out.

    I’m glad you are getting some phase insight from watching the “Jazz and Big Band “videos too.


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