MixCoach Podcast 020 : Bringing On The Electric Guitars-

We thought this week we would roll out an older episode of the MixCoach Podcast! On this Episode of the MixCoach Podcast, Kevin addresses the electric guitar and his typical signal chain. He talks about techniques for EQing and compressing electric guitars. Kevin touches on panning electric guitars to excite the mix in stereo.


How do YOU make your guitars sit in the mix with out them getting too loud?

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  1. What a great approach of Kevin’s considering distorted guitar as already compressed. I like these different views on things.
    Answering the question what I generally do to sit a guitar in the mix not pushing faders, two ways proved to be often useful for me.
    Both cases I double the the track, L- R, nudge one of them some ms and EQ them differently.
    How differently?
    Either leaving the one alone and finding a wide peaking boosted frequency in the other filtering hard low and hi.
    The other is a “cogwheel” EQing (as I call it:) when at some frequencies I cut or boost 3 even 9dB, looks like a straight cogwheel with different teeth, and on the other track I do the contrary EQ.
    I found even piano benefited from this EQ trick.
    I wonder what its normal name is among mixers:).

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