MixCoach Podcast 023 : Overdub Etiquette (Part II)

This week, the discussion of proper overdub etiquette continues.  Methods of file exchange including Dropbox and iDisk are discussed and how they are used.  Also, Alex and Kevin begin talking about trust and dealing with clients.


Question: Have you ever thought of trust being such an important part in the studio?

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  1. I would like to comment file exchange and file space. Today’s CDs can hold 78 minutes (it was 74 before) of audio in 44100 hz in 16 bit – better known as CD quality in stereo; and this is 700 MB, more than a half gig, of data. One would typically send multitracks in 24 bit and some times in bigger bit rates than 44100, so what can we do when place is a problem?

    In that case, I recommend a lossless file format such as flac. An audio file converted to a lossless format keeps all its data intact bit for bit – it has nothing to do with file types such ogg and mp3 which degrades the sound quality in order to keep the file size down – You can compare flac and IE. Wavpack files with zip files – every bit is intact. A file compressed as a flac file is typically 50% smaller than a wav file and it up to around 70-75% when compressed with wavpack. And both formats can be used in OSX, Windows an Linux; and the receiver can convert/extract it back to a wav again if his DAW can’t do the job.

    Thanks for an again very interesting podcast. I have been listening to everyone of them and recommend them to anyone.

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