MixCoach Podcast 027 : MixCoach Season 2 and Mixing Volume

In this episode, MixCoach “Season 2” is introduced and the topic of mixing volume is discussed. Kevin talks about not only what volume to mix at but about protecting your ears everyday.


Question: What is the term for things sounding better (due to the way we hear) at higher volumes?

By Jon Wright

As a graduate of MTSU with a degree in Audio Engineering and Technology Jon has been working as a full time mixer and engineer in Nashville. He loves running, writing, and all forms of entertainment. He also enjoys long walks on the beach with his wife.


  1. Pretty cool podcast guys, you did it again! The term you are referring to is the Fletcher-Munson Curves. It illustrates that our ears are less sensitive to low and high frequencies. Mid frequencies are generally more prominent. So, we have the tendency of raising the volume subconsciously in order to compensate for those frequencies differences. And therefore, the louder, the more appealing the sound seems to be.

  2. I’ve always mixed low, too, especially when I am not using headphones, because, as you say, you get less room sound and resonance (especially from the sub-woofer).

    Hey Kevin, I also wanted to mention that I just finished up a master certificate program on orchestration & film scoring through Berklee Music, and your video on mixing for orchestra was extremely helpful… as were your videos on mixing rock and jazz/big band. I used Ardour & Mixbus exclusively for this program, too, and your Mixbus videos were very helpful in that regard.

  3. Hey Kevin,
    I’m loving this show! Nice short nuggets of goodness! I always mix at low volumes and most of my listening is done on really cheap, lo-fi tiny speakers. When I do bump it up, I have a mark on my volume knob set to approximately 85db. This is where the frequency response of the human ear is the flattest.
    I’m going to recommend your show to my listeners. We’re all learning together here and the more perspectives the better!
    If you want to hear my thoughts on music and mixing check out the TechMuze Podcast in iTunes.
    Thanks again man! Keep ’em coming!

    1. That would be aweseome Dezz. And thanks again for the #6 spot on your “Top Podcasts” countdown. I’m honored to be in such good company.

      I didn’t know that 85 db was the sweet spot… thanks for that.

  4. Hey Kevin great Podcast!, what really caught my attention is the Tinnitus thing wow scary! i was thinking do you wear earplugs when going to the theater? another thing is that at my church worship time gets loud loud, i think i have a ringing sound on my right ear but i think it goes away hope so.
    thanks for all the info

    1. Hey Lucas… Thanks.

      I don’t wear ear plugs when I go into a theatre… they are not usually THAT loud for me. I almost always wear them on a plane though.

      As far as my church goes, we use the Aviom and headphones, so I can control the volume… as I said, I usually listen pretty low though.


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