MixCoach Studio Design. On to Plan B.

Studio Design Plan B

Here is an update on the studio rebuild progress of kiloWatt/MixCoach Studios. After meeting with my insurance restoration expert and David Rochester a studio designer and longtime friend of mine, I have discovered that there are some issues with the new studio layout I designed. Check out the video to find out the mistakes of my design and what the studio layout will be after consulting with David Rochester.

More updates coming soon!


Do you have a studio? Share your studio’s layout with us and any advice on what you like about your studio or what you wish you had done differently when designing and building it!

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  1. Kevin,

    In case you might be interested, I used a company called B-Dry for basement treatment. They offer a guarantee for the life of the house.

    I had a crack in my basement floor in the center across the width. Everytime rain got the water table up to a certain level water came up through that crack.

    B-Dry cut a 1 foot wide trough down the side basement wall and along the crack across the floor, down to the footer. They set gravel and then their patented square tubed drain in the trough and ran it to a well in the corner where a sump pump pushes excess water outside. Then they re-poured the concrete. This was only to take care of the crack problem. They usually recommend their trough in a ‘U’ design around the parameter of the whole basement.

    I had this done back in 2009, it cost me $4800 dollars US.


  2. Hey Kevin, So sorry to hear about all your troubles. Such a frustrating thing happening to such a nice guy.

    Just a heads up about this studio design forum. I’m sure you can find some valuable info here and you could get some expert advice.


    I think you made a good idea about not having small booths. Aside from the standing wave issues – did you consider how boxy the drum room might sound (even with treatment)? I have a very small room at home in which i mix AND track my drums,geetars etc. I built ‘a room in a room’ (with suspended ceiling) using rockwool insulation on wooden frame and plasterboard/roofing felt to help with soundproofing for the neighbours. Anyway, the ceiling is low and i’ve tried to minimise the boxy-ness. If is was in your position i might have as large a room as possible to minimise potential boxy sound issues.

    So I think your idea of larger rooms is good. You could give yourself more options for future uses if you keep larger rooms and instead of building more fixed walls perhaps use movable gobos/walls(?) to allow you to customise for different sessions. That might be cool and surely would be cheaper. Anyway, just some thoughts – i’m certainly no expert on these things. All the best – can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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