Mixing Rap Vocals

I sat down with Dan Comerchero of TheProAudioFiles.com and talked about their new product called “Mixing Rap Vocals” with Matthew Weiss.

Dan decided to give away 4 bundles of his Mac App, “Quiztones” and his new Training video called “mixing rap vocals”.

all you need to do to enter the contest is comment below this video.
Contest ends on Tuesday  September 3, 2013.  Four winners will be announced after that.

Here’s the interview with Dan about Mixing Rap Vocals and Quiztones


You can find Dan at:

The Pro Audio Files


Mixing Rap Vocals

Just comment below to be entered to win “Mixing Rap Vocals” and Quiztones

quiztones, rap vocals, mixing



  1. Hey Kevin & Dan
    “Mixing Rap Vocals” I would love to try my hand at mixing rap vocals.

    Great websites Dan

    Ian Scott Stewart

  2. I think ear training is ultra important, a sprint runner need to do squat and all kind of exercise in order to build is muscle up. It’s very painful and boring, but you just gotta do it:) Personally i use the software “train your ear” everyday And it’s incredible to notice a constant improvement.

  3. Hey Kevin, hey Dan,

    great interview!
    Just checked the websites and there’s some great stuff there! That would surely improve my skills… 😉

    Greetings from Bavaria, Germany!


  4. Hi Kevin and Dan
    Great interview. I was wondering where it is that you studied in St Paul. It’s been 42 years now away from the twin cities area. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


  5. Thanks for sharing this Kevin.I bought the video yesterday and I can say that it’s fantastic.100% happy wit it

  6. This is awesome!!! It’s really great to see talented people that are still humble and willing to help others get better at their craft. This is needed! Great interview Mr. Kev..

  7. This is an amazing find! I’ve been trying to soak in as much as I can since I’m fairly new to mixing. The info I’ve read so far has been priceless! Hope I’m one of the lucky 4.

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