My life as an International man of Mixery

I know… terrible “Austin Powers” pun… (Man of Mixery) – anyway…

Last summer, I mixed a very nice recording for a new friend of mine from Kiev, Ukraine.  His name is Roman Vashchuk and he’s becoming quite popular in Ukraine.

My plan is to Skype interview him about the recording and mix process later.  I just wanted you guys to see it..

Here’s the video.



  1. Hey Kevin! I know I’ve been a little disconnected this past week; Got sick as a dog after our trip to Nashville:-( Just starting to feel better now and gaining some energy!
    I love the song and the quality of your mix is unquestionable.
    Question: Regarding the foreign language, how do you find your way to emotionally connect with the song as you mix in order to enhance its intention and make it serve its purpose to the listener? Or do you approach it more from trusting your instincts?
    Just curious!
    God Bless!

  2. Hey Luis, sorry you got sick, man. It was nice to meet you and Anita.

    Regarding the forign language… yes, it was more difficult to find the emotion because I couldn’t understand the lyric.

    I remember Skype-ing with Roman asking, “What does this song say?”

    I was singing my own lyrics too… I think that helped.


    1. That is pretty amazing! There’s so much more to mixing than just sliding faders and turning knobs. I always enjoy your mixes for that reason; they don’t sound mechanical or systematic, they sound very natural and pleasing! That’s why I couldn’t help but ask:-)
      Thanks again! Hope we’ll get to talk soon…

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