My Studio Flooded

I walked in after dinner last Friday night to a flooded basement where my studio resides. I now have to rebuild my studio… on a tight budget and on an even tighter schedule.

So, I thought I’d include you guys in on my (unexpected) journey of rebuilding my studio.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. hey kevin had my basement flooded a few years ago. had carpeting on concrete floor and about 3 inches of water. simply what we did was removed the carpeting after removing many items on the floor. we sealed the florr and did not replace the carpeting .having said that for the studio you could use throw rugs which will help with the sound but in case of another problem they are easier to remove and deal with the concrete underneath.above all donot worry about mixcoach the community can run itself for now focus on you and your family and your business. lastly i live in upstate pennsylvania but would be happy to come down and help if needed. tony gillott

  2. Hi Kevin, Just signed up to “Mixcoach” this month. Sorry to hear about the flood! Thinking of you. I can empathize with you, my main house was flooded a few years back. The insurance company were a nightmare, I hope your experience is better. It seems your weather came over to the UK, over that weekend we had some of the worst storms for decades, I had a small amount of rain in the studio but nothing on your scale. Good luck with the re-ferb. Simon

  3. Kev, sorry about your incident. I miss you and the guys from mixcoach. I can never say I have ever experienced a flood, but I have a 8 x 8 room. I know you’ll land on your feet, but as far as ideas, hardwood floors and I’ve have always had this idea called the ice cream cone design. It was future design for myself. What it is simple have your main board as it is now, but have it turned to where it faces three booths side by side. The one being in the middle a little bigger and the two on either side angled, but all with your current sliding doors. I’ll try and send you a design. This could open up the side for your bathroom and possibly more space. I hope this helps, your still a great influence in my love of recording and producing and if I can help in any way let me know. If you need my moving and lifting skills I’m there.

  4. sorry to hear this Kev. What Caused the flood not able to listen to vid as im at work at mo. My studios in the attic where we keep the water tank and if this floods the whole ceiling comes through.

    Is your basement Concrete flooring? Wooden floors will normally soak up most of the water.

    Is your house not insured against accidental flooding etc also ? If so this should cover the cost of getting you up and running but cant replace the time.

    If you need to use a studio in the mean time my Studio is all set up waiting for you. in Sheffield uk

    1. I might see you in Sheffield… I’d love to come there.

      My floor is Cement and I do have insurance, but they only cover “the way it was”. Luckily, I have a great and understanding agent that’s helping me tweak the buildback plan.

  5. Hi Kevin

    Sorry about your damage. Wish to get out of it for the better soon.

    Some technical thoughts:
    Please, do not forget to build a drain system in the studio during the rebuilding. If it is under the common drain system level install some lifting pumps automated to start by some sensors. Sure there are guys around you to give a proper plan for that.
    And take care to place the main built in cables at least a foot over the floor level.


  6. Hey Kevin,

    It looks like things are under control for a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing the update. Wishing you the best.

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