Noticing The Improvement In Your Mixing

A while back I mixed a project for a long-time client. After everything was said and done I had a conversation with them that surprised me… They were really excited and thought the project was probably one of the best things I had ever mixed for them. They even asked how I approached this one differently than before…

The thing was…
I didn’t do anything vastly different than I had done for them in the past. I just hadn’t mixed a project for them in a while. This got me thinking about how when we progress as mixers, it can feel like we’re not really progressing at all. It’s gradual. A tweak to our workflow here, a change in how we approach EQ there, and with each thing we get a little better. So we don’t see the improvement. But other people do. And that’s really encouraging.

If we were to listen to a mix I did a few years ago, I would say it still sounds great, but that I could do better today. If we hopped in a time machine and visited “Future Jon”, I’m sure he would tell us the same thing about what I mixed yesterday (I would then proceed to ask “Future Jon” to impart all of his “Future Wisdom” on me so I could come back to blow people’s minds… but that would probably break the space-time continuum… maybe it’s best if we just leave “Future Jon” alone for now).

The point is…
When we’re working, grinding, learning, head down blocking out distractions, we don’t often see our own progress, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. So if you feel like you’re not moving forward, or moving fast enough, let yourself off the hook a bit. Others are more likely to see the positive changes than you are.

Every month on MixCoach Pro Member folks have the option of submitting their mixes for video Feedback from one of our Coaches. As a Coach I always feel that this is one of the coolest things we do. We always shuffle the coaches so the Pro Members who submit multiple times get a different perspective and set of ears on their mixes from month to month. This also allows us as Coaches to see huge growth over time. Each mix gets better and better so by the time the first Coach is assigned a  Member again, that Member has learned from 3-4 other Coaches and implemented their feedback. I’m always amazed at how fast people grow.
Wherever you’re at in your mixing journey, growth can be hard to see. But don’t be discouraged. Growth is happening. Even if you can’t see it, other people can.

We offer MixCoach Pro Members the option to submit mixes for Coach Feedback (for additional cost). Find out more about the membership by clicking HERE. 

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