Noticing The Improvement In Your Mixing – PART 2

Last week I wrote about the fact that as mixers it’s often hard to see our own skills progress. We are in the moment-to-moment grind and it sometimes takes someone on the outside to step back and see how far we’ve come. Click HERE to read that post. This week I want to chat about what can happen when we don’t recognize our own progress.

Over on MixCoach Pro Member..
We see the results of mixers feeling like they aren’t progressing play out in a couple ways. People can get discouraged, which is never fun, but the more dangerous result is when people don’t put out mixes because they feel like the mixes aren’t “good enough.” This is dangerous because when people don’t put things out there for others to hear it’s harder to identify areas that need work or areas of growth.

To help get over this..
We always talk about how mixing is a performance. A snapshot of where we are at at a specific time and place. 3 years ago was a snapshot of my mixing skill before I started using my sub-woofer. Of course today I can tune the bass and kick better than I did then, but do I regret putting those mixes out? Not at all. I’m proud of those mixes. They are a time capsule from three years ago.

So don’t be frozen by lack of progress.
A great way to get better is to show people your work
. A better way is showing knowledgeable people your work and being open to honest feedback (without taking it personally). Does this mean that you should listen to random people on the internet that might claim your work “sucks?” Not at all. Find someone you respect, who knows more than you in some areas, and approaches things with the heart of a friend or teacher. Then BE CONFIDENT in showing off your work and realize that you’ll be a better mixer for it.

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By Jon Wright

As a graduate of MTSU with a degree in Audio Engineering and Technology Jon has been working as a full time mixer and engineer in Nashville. He loves running, writing, and all forms of entertainment. He also enjoys long walks on the beach with his wife.

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