MixCoach Guide To Orchestral Mixing

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with multiple tracks of strings, horns, brass, orchestral percussion with a rhythm section, vocals and a choir?

You are not alone.  I used to feel so defeated when I would have so many tracks to mix.  

Who are you supposed to feature in each section?  What's the most important instrument?  Or should you be worried about the vocal more than the instruments?

You know that if you can mix orchestra, you could probably mix anything.  You are mixing for the most discerning ears and you don't want to disappoint.

I understand.

I'm sure that this video course will help you navigate the confusion that can go with large amounts of tracks.

In this 8 part video series, I take an engineer who has never mixed orchestra before to mixing confidently by showing him what he should be concentrating on.  How to dissect the tracks and focus on the most important parts of a mix.

MixCoach Guide to Mixing Orchestral Music

Start Learning to Mix Orchestral tracks with more confidence today!


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