The “Very Best” Plug-in Choices For 2017 (PART 1)

 The “Very Best” Plug-in Choices For 2017  It’s that time of year again! With 2016 behind us it’s a great time to look back at the work we have done and think about how we can improve over the year ahead. With that comes a lot of thought and talk about the tools that we…

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Three Ways To Keep People From Judging Your Mix Too Early

In a world where people make decisions very quickly, you need to know these three tips on how to make the right first impression when people listen to your mix.   For more information on MixCoach Pro Member or for information about Mix Feedback, visit 

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3 Ways To Add More Confidence To Your Mix

[This was a guest post that I did for Graham Cochrane over at TheRecordingRevolution.. Check him out!] Have you ever been sweating over a mix only to find that you push the snare drum up a db, then pull it back down? You add more ‘verb to the lead vocal and then wonder if that…

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Do You Want To Be A Busy Engineer?

It’s simple actually… You have to start by gaining someone’s trust! If you decide that you want to record your cousin’s rock band, then make sure that you do it as if you were getting paid the “big bucks” for it… even if you are doing it for free. When people see that you are…

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3 Tips For Mixing Holiday Songs

  It’s the Holiday season! So it’s appropriate to write a bit about Holiday mixes. For the past few years without fail I have mixed at least one festive track. Sometimes the projects come to me in June and I’ll crank down the air conditioner, wear a fuzzy sweater, and try to get in the…

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3 Reasons To Mix At Lower Levels


For me, mixing at Low Levels is a basic strategy in mixing, but I thought it was crazy too when I first heard the idea over 20 years ago. Thats why I want to give you MY top 3 reasons for mixing at lower levels. Because everything sounds good loud– If you can make your…

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My Workflow For Comping and Tuning Vocals

Back in the day, when there were only 24 tracks to record to, we used to save one track to put the vocal on. We had to make some pretty critical “last minute” decisions on whether to keep a “pretty good” performance or try for “the Grammy” performance. That was pretty AWESOME!… can we do…

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Building Trust : How Is Your First Impression To Your New Client?


Anytime you do a session in your studio, whether it’s your basement, your bedroom, or your high-dollar converted garage, make sure that your studio looks like a professional environment. … If you are operating out of a dedicated space, there are even a few more things you can do to make your clients feel like recording is more than just your hobby…

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Dynamic Range Basics

When we think of dynamics in music, we refer to the variations in loudness of a musical composition. Composers use terms known as dynamic markings to differentiate between quiet and loud passages. Performers naturally strive to take the listener through an emotional journey through the use of these loudness differences. Think about a song with…

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Everything New Mixers Should Know About Panning

Everything New Mixers Need to know about panning

I was conducting a recording clinic at a local music store a few weeks ago. One of the questions I got was from a recording student about panning. He said, “I was listening to a mix the other day and things were panned in such a way that the instruments sounded like the were floating…

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