3 Reasons To Mix At Lower Levels


For me, mixing at Low Levels is a basic strategy in mixing, but I thought it was crazy too when I first heard the idea over 20 years ago. Thats why I want to give you MY top 3 reasons for mixing at lower levels. Because everything sounds good loud– If you can make your…

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My Workflow For Comping and Tuning Vocals

Back in the day, when there were only 24 tracks to record to, we used to save one track to put the vocal on. We had to make some pretty critical “last minute” decisions on whether to keep a “pretty good” performance or try for “the Grammy” performance. That was pretty AWESOME!… can we do…

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Building Trust : How Is Your First Impression To Your New Client?


Anytime you do a session in your studio, whether it’s your basement, your bedroom, or your high-dollar converted garage, make sure that your studio looks like a professional environment. … If you are operating out of a dedicated space, there are even a few more things you can do to make your clients feel like recording is more than just your hobby…

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Dynamic Range Basics

When we think of dynamics in music, we refer to the variations in loudness of a musical composition. Composers use terms known as dynamic markings to differentiate between quiet and loud passages. Performers naturally strive to take the listener through an emotional journey through the use of these loudness differences. Think about a song with…

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Everything New Mixers Should Know About Panning

Everything New Mixers Need to know about panning

I was conducting a recording clinic at a local music store a few weeks ago. One of the questions I got was from a recording student about panning. He said, “I was listening to a mix the other day and things were panned in such a way that the instruments sounded like the were floating…

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How To Be More Productive At Work, And More Relaxed When You’re Off

Ever had one of those days where you spent an inordinate amount of time on a relatively small task? It might have been because of poor time management. Or because your mind kept jumping from one element of the task to another, causing you to run in mental circles. As engineers, producers, and creators, we’ve…

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How To Separate Sidesticks From Snare Hits Using Strip Silence

Snare hits vs. Side sticks Sometimes when you are mixing a great song, you want certain parts of the drums to be louder than the drummer played them. In this case, I wanted a drummers side stick to really “sing” in the track. I liked the amount of natural sounding compression that I had on…

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What to Edit Prior To The Mixing stage?

What to Edit Prior to the Mixing Stage? This question has come to MixCoach and I am happy to help with my view on the topic. Aligning, gain staging, and even making certain panning decisions before starting a mix is very important because if properly done, it can save a lot of time and headache…

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Let’s Help out Feedback Revival With Their Music Video!


Some of you may remember our good friends Feedback Revival, who’s songs like “Beautiful Life”, “At Last”, and “Tennessee Rose” have been featured and used in many tutorials and training videos here on MixCoach. They have even been gracious enough to let us use the multi-tracks from some of their songs for our members to mix and learn from…

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Advanced Compression – The Attack Control (Part 3)

In the final part of this series on ‘Advanced Compression – The Attack Control’ we’re going to take a quick look at a few real-world applications of fast attack settings. In Part One, we looked at using the attack control settings on a compressor to ‘soften’ a sound and make it more (or less) present.…

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