Avoiding DAE Errors and All Their Friends…


Ever seen one of these before?? Of course you have! Every audio engineer using Pro Tools has maxed out the power of their system at least once… probably more than once… and probably not on purpose.   So what can we do about it? Is there a way to avoid seeing those pesky three letters,…

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Noticing The Improvement In Your Mixing

A while back I mixed a project for a long-time client. After everything was said and done I had a conversation with them that surprised me… They were really excited and thought the project was probably one of the best things I had ever mixed for them. They even asked how I approached this one differently…

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How Can Emotion Be Printed In a Mix

How can emotion be printed in a mix

Can Emotion Be Printed In a Mix? Ed Seay: (Mix Engineer)   “The tough part, and the last stage of the mix, is… (the time) it takes for me to make it sound emotional and urgent and exciting so that it’s just not a song, it’s a record. It’s not making it just sound good,…

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MixCoach – Conversation With Graham Cochrane About Specialization Over Generalization . . .

Specialization Over Generalization Prior to shooting video posted to MixCoach, Kevin talks to Graham Cochrane about marketing yourself as an engineer. Kevin says many times it’s better to take the approach of specializing in something over the “I’m good at everything” approach. Kevin definitely believes that you should be a well-rounded engineer and that’s what he teaches relentlessly…

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MixCoach Experience Weekend 2016 By Chuck Green

Day 1 The day began at 4 a.m. with much anticipation as the alarm clock blares through our dark and silent house. The suitcase had been previously packed and loaded in the Jeep the night before. All that remained was to perform the necessary three “S”’s, (I’ll leave that up to you to figure out), get…

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Feedback Friday Episode 2

Hey guys.  Here is another edition of the feedback Friday. In this episode, we are giving feedback on a song we mixed from Rolfe Wyer called “Breakaway”. I produced this song in Nashville with some of the best players and singers available.  This is just a taste of what you will get if you join…

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Understanding Attack – The Attack Principle

If you’ve automated almost anything, you’ve encountered what Kevin calls the “Attack Principle”. Understanding these tiny dynamics can help your mixes become more crisp and clear. Not understanding this can leave you “chasing your tail” for hours.

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How To Use The Side Chain On Expander/Gate Dyn-3 For Toms


Have you ever had the problem of gating a noisy tom only to have the snare open the gate constantly?  In this video, I will show you how to use the side chain to fix that. Enjoy and Comment!

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Feedback Friday

Every month on MixCoach Member, we review mixes that our mixers submit.  If you would like feedback on one of your mixes, you should check out our Membership site. Full Disclosure: Having your mix reviewed is not included in your membership. So, when you are ready to submit one, you just pay the nominal fee for…

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Intro To Mixing


A few weeks ago, I created a course called The MixCoach Approach To Mixing. I was just tweaking this course up when I took a look at this video that is included in the course. This “Intro” video really encompasses what I believe about learning to mix.. and learning it quickly. It seems that the…

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