“What Volume Should I Have On The Master/ Stereo Out, When The Mix Is Ready?”

"What Volume Should I Have On The Master/ Stereo Out, When The Mix Is Ready?" - Featured Image

“What volume should I have on the Master/ Stereo Out, when the mix is ready?” Keep RMS around -10-12dB, ceiling -1dB and you are done:) To make use of this short statement in practice we need to clarify some things like the difference between gain, volume, level and loudness and also some other questions need…

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Interview with Matt Butler – How to Mix #1 Radio Singles


Today we have a great video/ podcast for you guys featuring Matt Butler, a long time contributor to the MixCoach community and one of our Mix “Coaches” at MixCoach Member. Kevin interviews Matt about mixing a string of #1 radio singles and the secret to his recent success as an engineer, as well as tips…

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Ocean Way Nashville, Studio A: Video Tour and Walkthrough

Ocean Way Nashville Studio A: Video Tour and Walkthrough

Today I have a great video for you guys that I shot after a recent tracking session at one of Nashville’s most iconic and glamorous Recording Studios, Ocean Way Nashville. Ocean Way’s Studio A is also one of the largest full featured tracking spaces in Nashville, making it highly sought after for large orchestra sessions. Check…

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Creating Space with Reverb

Creating Space With Reverb

Today’s post comes to you guys from one of our great friends, long-time MixCoach Pro Member, and incredible mixer, Andy Peck. Andy is also one of the pioneering members of MixCoach Platinum where he was able to mix the song “Grace” on The Livingstons new album, sound examples of which are featured in this article. Andy decided…

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Joe Carrell’s Approach To Balancing Instruments and Vocals

Joe Carrell's Approach To Balancing Instruments and Vocals

Joe Carrell recently recorded an awesome video for you guys talking about how he approaches a mix in order to achieve a good balance between the instruments and the vocals. Check it out to learn his four tips for achieving a great balance!   Joe Carrell’s 4 Tips For balancing Instruments and Vocals 1) Use…

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Mastering Separately or Mastering As You Mix

Mastering Separately or Mastering As You Mix? Today I am answering a question from one of our subscribers who asked, “What are the advantages/disadvantages of mixing into a limiter or mastering device, versus putting [the processing] on in the end?” After considering all the for and against thoughts below, I decided to cover “Mastering As You…

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This Month On MixCoach Member. . .

This month on MixCoach Pro Member we are mixing a killer bluegrass song from a group called Canaan’s Crossing. If you are interested in learning to mix a wide variety of genres, come check us out on MixCoach Pro Member and join in the fun. Click Here For More Info!

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Cleaning Up Your Mix – Part 2

Clean Up Your Mix Part 2

In Cleaning Up Your Mix – Part 1, I provided an overview of my personal process for cleaning up sessions before mixing, as well as an overview of what you are trying to achieve by doing this. I also provided some detail about Pitch Correction. In this part, I am going to continue with other…

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Welcome To The Team, Joe Carrell!

Recording and Mix Engineer Joe Carrell

Today, we are excited to announce that Joe Carrell will be officially joining our team of contributors on the MixCoach Blog and community. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Joe, he is an engineer and producer here in Nashville, TN. Joe has been featured on the site several times over the years appearing…

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Cleaning Up Your Mix – Part 1

Clean Up Your Mix

Overview I love to see a clean mix on my screen. I’ll admit I have a bit of OCD in this regard. People may question to whether it makes any difference to the quality of the mix and sometimes it probably doesn’t, but if it makes me feel like I am improving the mix, then…

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