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Now, you can learn to mix Pop Music from the EXPERIENCE of over 35 mixing engineers!
  • This is NOT your typical mixing course!
  • Session Downloads in 3 different formats. (Pro Tools, Mixbus, and 44.1/24bit wave files)
  • Almost 11 hours of mixing tutorials. (you can watch online or download in .zip format to watch on your computer anytime)
  • Tutorials by PROFESSIONALS who mix for their living every day.
  • We don’t just throw you to the wolves, we take you through the process of how to mix, step by step!
  • The skills learned in this course translate to mixing EVERY other style of music making you a better overall mixer!

  • 4+ of hours of interviews with the key players on this song. (writer, producer, vocalist, mixing engineers)
  • The interviews give you insight and a deep connection to the song you’re mixing.
  • Listen to 32+ other mixes of THIS SONG so you can compare your mixes.
  • Learn at your own pace with downloadable video and audio!
  • Easy to navigate course site.
  • Confidence in KNOWING that you can now mix Pop Music!

MixCoach Guide To Pop Mixing

  • 11 hours of mixing tutorials. (watch online or download to watch anytime)
  • Downloadable Sessions in 3 different formats. (Pro Tools, Mixbus, and 44.1/24bit wave files)
  • Interviews with the writer, producer, vocalist, mixing engineers!
  • With all of this content, why wouldn’t you want to get started with the MixCoach Guide to Pop Mixing today?

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

In the highly unlikely event that you don’t like this course, and even at the end, feel like it’s just not enough information for you just let us know at anytime and we’ll refund all of your money. No questions asked… <em>AND we’ll make Jon run for miles without stopping as punishment (he’d probably do it anyway… he’s a crazy running guy.</em>

“The Pop Mixing course mirrors every other facet that MixCoach provides. Industry Professionals showing us how to create Pro results. (They provide) a great library of resources for such a small cost, I’ve rarely received so much for so little. My success in the studio is the greatest reward.”
Gary Paquin
“I feel I’m improving myself.  Now I’m feeling more comfortable and I’m working in the right direction. Listening to Kevin and Jon’s feedback is training on it’s own! I’m recommending products to everyone….”
“As a student just getting started in the Recording Industry, courses like Pop Mixing have helped me to improve not only my mixing but have given me insight into and an understanding of what it’s like to follow a project from the studio to the release date: something I wasn’t finding in school.”
“Besides general topics like balance, panning, use of plugins, etc, this course also covers general views, ideas, approaches, and methods of making decisions that cannot be learned from books”
Tassy Sandor
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More Testimonials!
“MixCoach Guide to Pop Mixing is filled with tips and tricks from professionals, who know how to teach. Don’t be lazy, do yourself a favor and buy this stuff right now and forget about that plugin! ;)
Pierre Blanchette
“Gone are the days when you could work your way up from tea boy to world renowned mix engineer at a studio as great records were being made. But now with and the MixCoach Guide to Pop Mixing you no longer need to! You can hone your mixing skills in the comfort of your own home as Kevin and Jon uncover the secrets of creating great mixes. After watching this course not only will your mixing skills go to a whole new level, but you’ll be further along the path of knowing how to take raw tracks and turn them into radio-ready mixed masterpieces! I literally learned to mix at and I cannot recommend Kevin and his team highly enough.
Stone Walters
“I can’t tell you how much I value and appreciate what it is that MixCoach provides. It has had a profound effect on my creative skills and the success of my business here at Groovelab”
“The session walk-throughs, tutorials, and artist interviews are really down-to-earth and packed with information.”
Dave Beard
“With the Guide to Pop Mixing course, and all MixCoach’s stuff, it’s all about effective workflow and a can-do attitude towards mixing that will teach you the techniques, sure, but also instill a great ‘get it done’ ethic.”
David Christie
“The coolest thing about the MixCoach Guide to Pop Mixing was how much I learned not just about mixing pop, but how much I learned that relates to mixing all styles of music.”
Robert Freimund
“My favorite part of the (MixCoach Guide to Pop Mixing) mix was the insight. I never really get a chance to mix much pop stuff so it was cool to get an “over the shoulder” look at how its done. Thanks a million for all of the help!”
Marc Fletcher
“The coolest thing about the Pop Mixing course was that you are dealing with Real World music tunes and Not with streamlined examples”
Bernd Schlemmer
“(This) course gave me an opportunity to work on the dance pop genre of music that I don’t get to work on normally. I was surprised to find that synth sounds are very malleable and that made the process more creative that I expected. I ended up spending more time mixing, having more fun, and learning a lot more than I had anticipated. I very much appreciate the experienced, yet humble Kevin Ward and MixCoach Team”
Steve Bryson
“The Pop Mixing course was a lot of fun. Kevin and Jon made a special effort to provide great tracks to mix with and provided videos showing how the song was mixed originally and even videos critiquing mix(es)!”
Andrew Lawrence
“The enlightenment and expansion we get from Kevin and Jon is something that would cost us (many) times as much at any school.”
Joel Hill
“My favorite part of the Guide to Pop Mixing Course is the amount of tracks that are involved. With so many sounds involved it makes it challenging for myself and I would say a lot of mixers. Another reason, I loved this tune, it exposed and brought me out of my comfort zone. After one has been honing their craft for a while, you get comfortable and it seems the comfort of knowing overrides experimenting and discovery on the back burner. This song sent me on a small journey of discovering new techniques to practice and self improvement. No challenge, no discovery.”
Justin Riffle
“Just like all the courses and tutorials at Mix Coach, the pop mixing course was brilliant!
Alan Robson
“This course was great fun to mix and the track content is first class. If you want to learn or improve your mixing for modern pop then I highly recommend it.
Anthony Higgins
“The most challenging part of this course was how to get the song to move you immediately, while preserving the musical feel at the same time….”
Norman Jankowski

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“The music used in the course is fantastic and a lot of fun to mix.
Ronald May
“The MixCoach Guide to Pop Mixing course is definitely the one thing that was missing in my mixing journey…. great place to learn and get my hands dirty. Thanks guys!”
Comfort Manyame
“I learned a better more methodical process for mixing pop songs from the (MixCoach Guide to) Pop Mixing course.”
McKinney Botts
“The coolest thing about the MixCoach Guide to Pop Mixing course is the multiple mixing visions, from the different MixCoach tutors and gaining insight behind the production of the track.”
László Galosi
“The POP MIxing Course from Kevin Ward at MixCoach was Fantastic, I always felt Kevin was right over my shoulder guiding me along, through Kevin and Jon’s guidance I gained so Much confidence in my ability to Mix. Its amazing in such a short a time with this course I learned so much, not only about Mixing, but about myself and how to apply myself to Creating a great Mix, as far as the price, what can I say, its priceless.
Bill McDonald
“From the Pop Mixing course, I learned to change the arrangement and start with new ideas to serve the song instead of getting stuck with an idea that does not work.”
Bernd Schlemmer
“All Mix Coach tutorials share insight that some mixers/engineers want to keep secret! The Pop course will prepare you for creative alteration as well as “in the box” mixing. Some of the provided mixes blew me away with the degree of creativity! Thanks MixCoach!
Zach James
“I loved the Pop Mixing course because I was able to get my hands on well recorded tracks which I didn’t have access to before hand. The course taught me a lot about what EQ and Compression is needed to make any song sound top notch. If you are looking to grow as a mixer, I would highly recommend you pick up this course! It is well worth it!
Aaron Sprung
“I’m a professional mixer and I found the MixCoach Guide to Pop Mixing course very helpful. I learned new skills and it really helped me to go back to my mixes with fresh ears and better approach.”
Konstantin Markov
“The coolest thing I found in the course, as well as almost all of Kevin’s courses and books, is that he not only tells you and shows you the way to do specific things but he is an excellent teacher in explaining the why he does these things in simple terms that anyone can understand.
David Hiser
“The best thing about the MixCoach Guide to Pop Mixing was the feedback from different mixers as well as the professional walkthrough from which everybody could learn.”
Tassy Sandor
“A great EDM session. A great tutorial from MixCoach guys. … This’s all that I need”
Svetoslav Angelov
The MixCoach Guide To Pop Mixing was exceptional in it’s interview content and outstanding in portraying the song’s history and mixing journey. The interview depth instilled a sense of feeling and emotional direction that is required to make those final decisions to complete a mix.

The Geek stuff was exceptional as well. Microphone model numbers included as well. Great!!

To say that the interviews were the only things that stood out would not be a fair to the rest of what really went on.

- Jon’s Mix Tutorial (“Outstanding work-flow Jon, Thanks”)

- Leo’s Mix Walkthrough (“Exceptional insight Leo, Thanks”)

- Kevin, Jon and Leo, the reviews you guys did. Superb!!!

I can’t say enough about the Mixcoach Guide to Pop Mixing.
It was all so cool!!

Ian Stewart
So many people have already proven the value of this course!