Pop Production with Kris Crunk

Learn The Secrets Of Composing A Radio-Ready Pop Track From One Of Nashville's Elite Programmers

What if you could look over the shoulder of one of Nashville’s hottest keyboard players and witness a radio ready Pop track come together before your eyes…

How much could you learn if you could simply sit with someone and have them explain not only what they are playing but how they navigate the arrangement of a song.  How they pick out sounds to layer together.

What if you could…

    • Look "over the shoulder" of a highly-paid professional programmer
    • See how quickly he puts a song together
    • Learn exactly what he does step-by-step

Radio Pop Production

Watch as Kris takes a song from nothing to radio ready.  Kris never misses a detail. He will show you how you too can take your DAW and a small set of Virtual instruments (some of which come standard in most DAWS) and create a radio ready hit.

Bonus Q & A recording

Kris shows you shortcuts and brain hacks to get a song to sound like it's coming from your radio

MixCoach Guide To Pop Production with Kris Crunk

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Gain the confidence that you can ONLY get by watching Experience in Action

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Comes With All Of The Following

  • Seven (7) Streamable and Downloadable HD videos
  • Reference Mix and Pro Tools Session Files From The Course
  • Kris' Shortcut Video
  • Four bonus HD Question & Answer Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

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