Pro Tools 9 : The Mixer’s Toolkit

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Hi Kevin,
I found your book to be a great tool to help me learn to edit and mix within Pro Tools. So far, after having read quite a few books and having watched other video tutorials, I can easily say that your book is by far the easiest to understand and the most direct approach I have seen.

I am a musician/composer/producer learning to mix (ITB), I don’t have any engineering/electronics skills, therefore your book, the way you made it so clear and easy to digest is an absolute gem.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to people like yourself people like me have a chance to make our recordings sound almost as good as commercial productions.

Roman Rowlands aka Romik

“Pro Tools 9: The Mixer’s Toolkit” (Kevin Ward, Nathan Adam)
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  1. I bought a copy of your book PRO TOOLS The Mixer’s Toolkit and in it it talks about
    loading the included files? What files there no CD’s or DVD
    Do I need to go back to Amozan?

  2. Enjoying working through your book. The stuff on quantizing drums is fantastic. I’ve been correcting stuff ‘by hand’ in the past and this is going to save me hours!
    I’m using a Mac Book Pro with Snow Leopard and have noticed that some of the keyboard shortcuts don’t work or behave differently from the book. I think the keyboard must be mapped a bit differently from a ‘normal’ Mac and also the lack of a numeric keypad. Just thought you may want to give other MacBook Pro owners the heads up on this one.


  3. After i purchased 4 of the 7 video tutorial of Kevin, which i recommended to everyone by the way, i got this AMAZING BOOK!!!!! it totally blew my mind! i was able to read thru every single passage of how to mix, learning shortcuts and the most important thing i had so much fun during my reading!

    while i was reading the book , it looks like i had Kevin teaching in front of me, i really loved the book was written and the amazing way everything is explained on it!

    So if you are looking for a great book, great suggestion, and great a teacher, MY PERSONAL SUGGESTION IS: GET THE BOOK!!!!!!! ya’ll won’t regret!

    Thank you Kevin for this book!


  4. Kevin,

    This book is the most fun I have ever had with my clothes on!

    Seriously. I have spent countless hours, and money on training services, and videos in my quest to be the best mix engineer EVER!! well….maybe not ever, but a guy can dream. Your book is truly what it says it is a “toolkit” in every sense of the word. I thought I knew every conceivable keyboard short cut, but I learned a few more from your book. the multiple compressors on vocal technique is MONEY!! I went back to some older mixes I have done for people just so I can use that trick o the vocals. I”m still not all the way threw it yet, can’t wait to get back to it. R4eally great book…..

    Mixing in mono……who what have thought……

    Herb Ricco

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  6. great book!
    ive been using PT for years and years, and right of the back im learning things ive never known and new tricks to speed up the work flow! thanks!

    rock on!!

  7. Just ordered your book on I can’t wait for it to come. Although I have Pro Tools 9, I’m not crazy about it, per se, but I do want your book as I am sure I will be able to apply it to other DAWS, and not just Pro Tools, which has its place.

  8. I was finally able to purchase the book yesterday and am liking it alot. It mentions a free month trial on MixCoach, but I’m having trouble finding how to access that? Thanks, Jim Gablick.
    P.S. order number: D01-8588473-5849537

  9. I recently bought a copy of Pro Tools 9 The Mixer’s
    Toolkit, inside the book it’s states that owners have a one month
    free trial of mix coach and i want to try it! What do i have to

  10. Kevin,

    Will you be publishing a pro tools 10 version of this book?

    Also, is there an e-book version out for ipad? I checked the itunes book store to no avail.

    If the answer is “no” to the above 2 questions, I’ll buy the book anyway although I have version 10.


    1. Kevin, Got your voice mail. Thanks for the reply and no
      apologies needed. I’m in the process of finishing up a book given
      to me as a gift. Once I’m done, your book is next buddy. I can’t
      wait. Thanks again. Max

  11. im enjoying my time as a Mixcoach Member and noticed this book so I orderd it now waiting for it to arrive but if its anything like you get as a mixcoach member its gonna be good.

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