New Products for Black Friday Sale and Now Offering Mix Feedback

What’s up MixCoachers! Hopefully you’re all finding yourselves off for a long weekend of fun, family, and festivity! We here at MixCoach are celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving, by showing all of our followers (That’s you!) how much we appreciate your continuing support.

To do this we are announcing two new courses, a “Black Friday” sale on all of our courses (including the new ones!), and a brand new thing we’ve been offering members for a while called “mix feedback.”


Guide to Rock Mixing 2!

The first new course we’ve got is the “MixCoach Guide to Rock Mixing 2!” This course includes session files of a rock song in 3 formats, a mixing tutorial of that song that you can follow along with, and as a bonus we’re giving you the stereo mix of J.R. McNeely to use as a reference. This is a course we went through a while back on MixCoach Member and it was so much fun, that we decided to make it available to non-members!

Scroll down to this course on the products page HERE!



Guide to Pop Country Mixing 1!

Then we’ve got the “MixCoach Guide to Pop Country Mixing 1.” This course is buffed out by the session downloads in three formats, a mix walkthrough from Kevin, a mixing tutorial from Jon (that’s me!), and features a really cool interview with the artist and producer of this song.This is a course we went through a while back on MixCoach Member and it was so much fun, that we decided to make it available to non-members!

 Scroll down to this course on the products page HERE!

Black Friday Sale!

Not only are we launching these new courses, we’re also putting ALL of the MixCoach courses on sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Make sure you’re signed up for the mailing list and check back Friday to see what awesome deals we’ve got going on.

Mix Feedback for Non-Members

The final thing we wanted to tell you about, is a version of something we’ve been offering MixCoach Members for a while now… Mix Feedback. What we do is every month the members have a session to mix, and we post tutorials, like the ones from the courses above. Then at the end of the month, the members can pay a little extra to have us listen to their mix on camera, and give our honest opinions and offer up helpful tips (or feedback) about their mixes. This goes into, what they did right, what could be better, and most helpful of all, how we would approach revising the mix to make it better. We’ve seen so much growth in the guys that regularly submit that we wanted to offer something similar to non members. For $100 one of the MixCoaches will listen to a mix you’ve done, while video capturing their reaction, and then offer their insight about your mix after. This is a great way to grow as a mixer, the MixCoach Members get this at a very discounted rate with their membership, and we’ve seen it work with hundreds of guys. So if you’re interested in the feedback, the options are, sign up for the member side to get feedback at a discounted rate each month and see what else you’re missing in the community, or you can now purchase a feedback video outright. It’s up to you.

Join MixCoach Member by clicking HERE!

Check out the feedback HERE!

Whew! that was an epic bit of news and updates… Now I’m going to go grab some turkey!

– Jon

By Jon Wright

As a graduate of MTSU with a degree in Audio Engineering and Technology Jon has been working as a full time mixer and engineer in Nashville. He loves running, writing, and all forms of entertainment. He also enjoys long walks on the beach with his wife.

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