Recording engineer’s journal: Tracking at Sound Emporium Nashville

This is a step by step recap of how I tracked my last tracking session at Sound Emporium.  I’ll tell you what impressed me, what didn’t and what I did about it.


Would you like to see more of these kinds of videos?… better let me know 🙂


  1. Good stuff, I can never get to much of this! This kind of stuff is very motivating and puts me in a good mood.

    Thank you!:-)

  2. I had the great pleasure of stopping by that session! It was sounding great Kevin. Thanks for the invite. Studios like that get me so motivated to have my own in that capacity one day.

  3. Thanks for this type of visual, informative info Kevin. I think it kind of “peels the wrapper off of the gift” a bit, giving us guys that really don’t frequent studios a nice peak!

  4. hi .. that was real good , i am new here and plan on sticking around … thanks a lot … i have a question relative to this theme…
    ok : lets say we have a drum take with all the usual components . after tracking you zoom in and see that the overheads are in phase with each other … but…. not with the direct mics eg .snare hit mic placement top and or bottom does not correlate with the overheads .. my question is this .. should i be looking to fix this or do i leave it .. i understand that this is caused by the distance the source is away from the different placing of the mics .
    thanks …

    1. Hey Tony. I would at least try to correct the phase of your direct mics with your overheads. The drums always sound tighter when I do that. I do it whenever I have the time and budget to. Let me know how it works for you.


      PS. Glad you are gonna stick around 🙂

  5. Hey Kevin, Brilliant – this is all really interesting! Thinking about the drum mic photos …some of the mic placement pics were a bit too artsy so I couldn’t get a feel for how the mics were placed around the kit in relation to each other. I would have loved to have seen a photo from the beater side of the kick drum so I could see exactly how the mic was positioned inside…then if there are any audio samples in future I can think about how the mic placement contributed to the drum sound y’know? Also wondered if you used room mics or not? Thanks for posting all this – more please 😉 – much appreciated.

    1. Hey Mark. Sorry for the “artsy” pix… lol next time, I’ll try to get them clearer… or just hold a seminar here in nashville… and record it. what do you think?

      I’ll also try to get some audio samples as a bonus to this material…

      thanks for the feedback.


      1. Happy New Year Kevin! That is a fantastic idea about potentially recording a seminar in Nashville. It would be the next best thing to me flying over from England & actually being there 😉 I’m sure everyone would find it fascinating being able to see the setup in the room – kind of like what you did with the vocal booth video. All the best – Here’s to mix coach going from strength to strength in 2013!

  6. Hey Kevin! You should check out the Apex ribbon mods that Michael Joly does. They are EXTREMELY close to the Coles ribbons. I bought a pair of the Apex from Michael and they really sound amazing as OH mics.

    1. Hey Brad. I’ve been contemplating getting some of those condensers.. can you send me a clip of your overheads? I think it would be cool to hear!

      Long time no see!

  7. Kevin, thanks for the tour. I know the trident console, and it delivers! It looks like your session was creative and fun! thanks for sharing!


  8. Really nice video, I have a quick question, Did you use external gear during recording? or just recorded directly out of the mixer?

    1. Hey Christian. On that session, It was pretty much just the board. I tried some external pres for drums and went back to the board because I preferred the sound. Come to think of it, the guitar amps were run through API 512c and I think I had a dbx 160vu on the snare.. that’s pretty much it though.


  9. Apex 205 ribbon mic = $549 each. The Coles are $1300 each! I swear I really can’t tell that much difference! The clarity of the Apex is pretty amazing in my opinion. Well worth the cost.

  10. Hello Kevn, I really enjoyed the video of your recording session. It seems so impressive, I hope one day I get so lucky enough to experience this, when you get a chance, could I get some info on those Octavia Mics. And I wanted to ask how the session came out, love to hear it.

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