Repairing a sustained note in Pro Tools 8

Learn the difference in a note cycle and a vibrato cycle in this video. I was dealing with the pitch on a fiddle track at the very end of the note. The repair came off beautifully.

Let me know how you’d fix a note like this.


  1. I’m just thrilled with all these tutorials. These little tricks have already safe me a lot of time (… and headaches) editing some tracks that I thought were useless.
    Thanks again Kevin!

  2. That’s what I have asked on this month song forum, and here comes the great answer from Kevin.
    I thought we worked just on the net, but seems telephaty also works:)

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Great Video. I’m going to try this approach on the last note of “This is My Day” to see if I can get it to extend out a little further. The recorded tracks were cut short before the room ambience had a chance to dissipate. I tried kicking in some reverb on the mix buss through automation just as the last hit happened and it kinda got me there but still not happy with the end result. Doesn’t quite sound like the same room. This may be just what the doctor ordered — extending the natural sound. Thanks again.

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