Repairing recurring vocal parts or guitar riffs by creative editing

Let’s say you have a guitar riff or a repeating vocal part and one of them is perfect and the others not-so-much. Or, maybe the very first one is weak and you want to fix it by “flying” one of the more perfect ones…

Watch this video to see if this is not the EASIEST ways to make your client (or you!) nail their part every time!
Thanks for reading.



  1. This videos are awesome! I would have never figured stuff like this on my own. … and I don’t think it would be as easy trying to read the never ending Pro Tools user manual. This is really cool and very helpful!
    Thank you Kevin!

    1. Thank you Luiz. Let me know if there is a tutorial that you’d like for me to do. I’m still working on a plan for us moving forward. Excited to hear some of your project.


  2. Yes! Very good and I have been doing this for quite a while now…Always reminds me of what wasn’t so easy with tape 😉 Is this cheating?? I think not! Awesome advice again! Thank You!

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