Wondering How To Make A Normal Band Sound Like Radio-Ready Rock-Stars?

Let me to show you exactly what I do to tighten up a "working class" band and make them sound like they've been on the radio for years!

Are you frustrated with working with bands and complaining that their musicianship is not as good as you'd like?

Did you know that most bands don't choose a mixer based on what gear, microphones or plugins... but by how YOU make THEM sound?

Bands want ONE thing from you... for YOU to make THEM sound BETTER than they already are.

This is true at any level.  At the top of the food chain, bands pick producers that will pull out the best in them.

Producers choose engineers who make THEM look better.

Mixers choose studios that make their job easier.

And right down the line it goes...

So it just makes sense to have some "polishing" skills.  Skills like editing drums, sound-replacing and vocal-tuning as well as corrective EQ and compression.​

Do you wish you could have someone show you what's REALLY important when mixing?

Mixing itself is pretty straight-forward.  You just have to balance everything and make the main thing the MAIN THING!

But what if you don't know what the real "main thing" is?... what if you get lost in a mix and lose your way... only to start over and it end up the same?​

Ain't Nobody Got Time For THAT!

But what if you could watch a mixer who teaches tried and true mixing techniques with BASIC stock plugins?

I Can Show You How To Mix A Band So They Will Instantly Ask You To Mix Their NEXT song

Keep in mid that bands (yours included) are looking for one thing... To sound better than they are already!

And guess what... sometimes the mix doesn't have much to do with how they sound.  In fact, sometimes THEY don't even know why they don't like a mix... and most of the time, it's not you!​

Sometimes, you have to read into what they are saying.  

"I still don't like the way my drums sound" sometimes means, "I don't like the way I played them and we came to you because we thought you could somehow magically fix everything in the 'mix'".​

I think every mixing engineer and studio owner needs to have a certain set of unspoken skills...

And that skill is editing as well as being able to mix.... and knowing when to do one or the other.​

This means that sometimes, you have to tweak the drums a bit.

Sometimes it means to put headphones on and "Melodyne" the vocal.

This means you may have to nudge the bass a bit.

I realized a long time ago that bands and even producers don't always ask for what they really want. Sometimes bands will confuse a mixing issue with something that really isn't a mixing issue at all.

Once, when I was mixing this huge song... with lots of strings, a choir, percussion and the kitchen sink- The producer tells me that the drums were too loud.

I knew he had a lot of money invested in this song... with the orchestra and all.. but​

I knew the drums weren't too loud

... in fact, I thought the drums could even be a little louder.

This is an example of what I mean when I say, "They don't always KNOW what it is they want"... it's up to the experienced engineer to figure it out.

What the producer heard was ONE snare hit that was louder than it should be... and then he thought the drums were loud. 

I could have started a journey of frustration and chasing-my-tail​ that would have ended up bad for the both of us.  But instead, I turned down the snare.... on that one hit... and we BOTH were happy.

But How Do I Make A Band Sound Better Than They Are?

When you are first learning to mix, how are you supposed to know?

Wouldn't anyone mixing like to know how bands get radio-ready int the real world?

This Is Why I Created - The MixCoach Guide To Rock Mixing

Now YOUR MIX Can Be The REAL Rock Star In The Band

  1. It's a rock song... but the hour of this course we spend making it sound like a polished rock song will put you YEARS ahead
  2. In addition to getting the instruments to sound tight, we also used basic STOCK plugins to pull it off
  3. I'm sure that after watching this 3+hour video, you'll have a skill set for uncovering ways to easily make your mix sound better!

See what some of our fans have to say:

"He just knows his stuff..."

Kevin is one of the greatest mix engineers you’ve never heard of. He’s won Dove awards, worked with tons of artists in the Nashville area and beyond, and he just knows his stuff.

On top of that, he has a heart for teaching and breaks things down on such a easy to understand level, even I can learn from the guy!

Every time I’m on his site, I learn a new “trick” or technique that I adopt as my own and use forever, he’s that good.

GRAHAM COCHRANE The Recording Revoution

" I love the Mixing For the Moms concept... it's spot on!"

LUis Diaz Mixer

But Wait..

Bonus Alert!​

What kind of "Coach" would I be if I only showed you 'part' of the solution?

I want to include some download links so that you can put these tracks into your system and mix after I've shown you what to do!​

Also, I want to offer you as a bonus my course on Comping And Tuning Vocals.

What is comping vocals you may ask... it's not compression.  It's what pro's do to get the best performance from an artist.  It's short for "Composite" vocal... and it's going to change the way you do vocals.​

I want to show you how I go about getting the absolute best lead vocal possible... without wrecking the confidence of the singer.

It's another tried and true method that I use every time I record vocals... and again YOU will be the hero of the day because of these added skills.

So Just to recap- here's what you will get.

  • MixCoach Guide To Rock Mixing ($47 value)
  • Downloadable Session Files - So You can practice your new techniques
  • Access to the MixCoach Guide To Comping And Tuning Vocals - ($47 value)

Get Instant Access to Rock Mixing, The Downloadable Audio Files and the Bonus Vocal Comping and Tuning Course!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel that the MixCoach Guide to Rock Mixing is super helpful and helps you to get tighter, more balanced mixes, then I'll gladly refund your purchase.

No guilt, No questions... My promise.​

Who wouldn't want to be a band's SECRET WEAPON in the studio?

Imagine just for a minute that you've honed your mixing skills to include confident editing.... and your very next project makes the producer or band say "We have found our guy!"

It could be you.  You just have to be diligent in the small things... things like tightening drums, and tuning vocals. 

In mixing a band, there ARE no major things to do to make it sound awesome... only small things that really add up over the course of a mix.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Instant Access, No Risk, Be a mixing star to your next band!

You are a click away from greatness ;-)

"I can't wait to show you some of my proven techniques that will help you pull your mix together quickly and become the "secret weapon" in the band..."