MixCoach Guide To Rock Mixing

How many times have you purchased a Pro Tools Tutorial video only to find that the tracks that the engineer is using would sound good even if you didn’t “learn to mix them”. You can’t relate to the way the tracks sound because they already sound better than anything you’ve ever mixed!

I want to tell you about my new video called “The MixCoach guide to rock mixing”

The thing I’m most excited about in this video is that…this is NOT a studio band playing… its a real band.. cut on modest means.. with a very modest budget…

The vocal was literally cut on an SM 57 through an 8 channel pre that cost $600 bucks.

The drums were cut in a tiny 1-car garage with mics that you probably have in your closet!

The band in this video is “real world”… and this is the best kind of band to learn how to mix rock music.

By the end of this 4 hour video, You will master the art of drum pocketing… I’ll teach you 3 different approaches including old school cut and nudge, beat detective and we’ll spend the majority of the time working in elastic time. when we are finished you will think this was cut on a very large budget…at least judging by the sound of the final result.

You will also learn some of my “mind-hacks”… ways to force your brain and ears to hear how the pros hear

Check out some of this great feedback the video is getting:

Hey Kevin, I just finished watching “Guide To Rock Mixing”.  It is very helpful and I can’t begin to express my gratitude for you putting this together.
I love the sequence and the logical flow as you discuss every concept. I learned a bunch of new things I wasn’t really aware of; such as the way you use Elastic Time to quantize and lock things ‘in-the-pocket’, using compression, EQ, creating space and the list goes on…!!!
By the way, I love the ‘mixing-for-the-moms’ concept, it’s so true!!
-Luis in NC
Here’s another:
Thanks Kevin.  My mixes are sounding better already.  I listened to some old recording last night and noticed very quickly that they were just terrible.
I used my new knowledge of Pro Tools and the concepts that you taught in “Guide To Rock Mixing” to correct phase issues, timing issues and EQ on a poorly recorded track.  The results were much better.
Thanks for your help.
-Nathan in TN

If you are looking for a way to save an imperfect band or you are just looking for some award winning tricks to put in your arsenal, this video is for you!

I’m offering a no-questions-asked-send-me-an-email-and-get-your-money-back guarantee.  You can’t beat that! 🙂

The MixCoach Guide to Rock Mixing – $47

Buy Now

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