Saturday Summary

Below is a copy of the first email “experiment”… I found my self wanting a central place to comment… so I did a blogpost for comments.

I find myself wanting to connect more and more with people like me. People on a journey, learning, being inspired and trying to “capture” moments.

This is an experiment.

I’m still inspired by a book I read so many years ago from Tim Ferris called “The 4-Hour Workweek“. In fact, I’ve read it about 9 times.

Tim is doing something called the “5 Bullet Fridays“. It’s just a quick way of reaching out to his peeps (like me) and saying, “this is what’s going on right now”.

So, at the risk of exposing too much, I want to try an experiment. I want to reach out and tell you what I’m doing from time to time… not trying to do anything except say, “This is what I’m doing right now” in hopes that it will help you in someway to see parts (not just the ones I can brag about) of a sometimes mundane and messy journey.

What I’m reading right now

I’m reading “I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist” because my buddy Dan told me it was great. Anytime someone recommends a book they think I’ll like, I usually buy it and read it… and usually, I do like it! Thanks Dan.

What I’ve been working on THIS WEEK (in the studio)

Finishing up mixing several records from The Livingstons, a group from Texas called Maranantha 6.

What I’ve been working on (on MixCoach)

I’m reading some podcast notes because I’m doing a podcast today as a guest with Lij over at recordingstudiorockstars (and I’m more than honored and excited). Don’t know when it’s going to air yet. Also, working on building a “flagship” mixing product (as my friend Graham Cochrane calls it) to help mixers in a way that I haven’t been able to yet. Graham is a remarkable human and I’m glad I know him… I’m sure you do too.

A quote that has me thinking

You can have everything in life you want when you help enough other people get what they want – Zig Ziglar

Anyway, theres’ that! Not perfect. Not complete. But, sincere.

Talk to you soon,


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  1. Thanks for the contact. Really like the quote by CS Lewis. Haven’t read the Essentialism book but it’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. People are wired differently. Some are more singularly minded, others prefer variety. I fall into the latter category. I’m constantly aware of how much “better” I could be at a specific skill or place in life. On the other hand people often comment on how many friends I have, how many stories I can tell and places I’ve been. I guess both work as long as you know yourself and your priorities. Have a great day.

    1. Hey Ted. Thanks for the comment buddy. I agree. I think most of us “creative types” like variety. Not sure sometimes if it is the best route to take at least not all the time.

  2. Kevin,

    I wanted to let you know I appreciate this little turn you have made. Its more personal and has far more feeling that the flood of content I get just trying to sell me something. Some music bloggers have become so adept at it that they are fully wrapped up in selling me their and everyone else’s content.
    Instead, you shared some personal thoughts, introspect, and pulled me a little bit into your world with the sweet pic of your little family pod. I like that. Made me feel a part of something instead of just another consumer to be tapped.
    I am here watching and learning, please continue.

    Mark Bliss

    1. Thanks Mark. I plan on keeping this up. I love the connections that I have made since I started doing this. It’s always been the way I felt, just haven’t always been bold enough to put it out there.… Thanks again for the comment

  3. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for your note. I am going to have to find time to read that book!
    And I also wanted to say that I am eager to know when you finish that mixing course. It sounds perfect for me.
    Take care, and thanks for all the help.

    1. Hey John. I will keep you posted. I’ll make an announcement when I get it done. Can’t wait to get started on it on Monday. By the way, how are you liking the pop production course?

      1. Hi Kevin,
        I have not watched it yet, since I had a session yesterday that went very long. We did good work, but by the end my ears were fried! I will let you know next week. And thanks again!

  4. Kevin Ward! Is that you taking a group selfie while driving?!? Tsk tsk… what would your mother say! 😉

  5. Hi Kevin,
    Speaking selfishly, I just wanted to say that I look forward to watching all 6 hours of your new course, so please don’t trim it down on my account!!

  6. Thanks for the e-mails Kevin, great content. Will be back to purchase some of your material will probably start with MixCoach Guide to Mastering Your Own Mix.
    Thanks again and have fun on your date with your daughter.


  7. I love these weekly updates and would like to contribute with a few things I am digging right now
    App- Paper by 53 is the most awesome tool I have ever used on my phone and IPad you can draw, type, take a picture and then draw or highlight areas on it. It is similar to Evernote with notebooks and projects. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

    Book: The Pumkin Plan. Using the principles of a Giant Pumkin farmer to create a giant successful business by eliminating the weakest aspects and focusing on the strongest.

    Quote: “The secret of change is focusing all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. Socrates

    Thanks for your inspiration Kevin! and have agreat week.

  8. I have read warrens book, and feel it is….how can I put it….crap. There was nothing but thinly veiled new age garbage, supported by selected scripture taken out of context.

    I know a lot of folks swear by this book & pastor, but I feel this book from one of the most popular emergent churches is harmful to the real gospel that Jesus taught.

    Just a IMHO, YMMV, yada yada…everyone has one….

  9. Just wanna say Welcome to California! Although I live a little bit north of where you’ll be,(Chico)…hopefully you can check us out up here. We ‘re hotter in the summer though…

  10. Movings hard, stay upbeat Kevin.
    Looking forward to installations on the studio setup.

    Best wishes to you and your family in your new home. We’ll miss you back east.

  11. Hi Kevin, My condolences to your family on the loss of Janna’s dad. Good news with regard to my recovery from stage 4 bladder cancer diagnosed in 2011. No cancer detected on my most recent CT scans or blood tests. Fantastic! I want to thank you for your continual efforts and time spent motivating and teaching us. Good luck on your new adventures in California! Tom Bowser in Chicago.

  12. Hey Kevin. Enjoyed reading this blog and seeing your family pic. I recently purchased Lij’s training course on recording drums and subscribed to his emails, so I noted that you said you are going to be a guest on a podcast with him. I was wondering what your take on the Nashville ban on home studios is. I’m sure you will be discussing it with Lij on the podcast since he’s doing an all-out campaign to get it reversed. I was surprised to hear about Nashville doing that. Disgraceful in my opinion.

    1. Hey Dennis. I don’t know how your comment got caught in the “approve” bin. Anyway.. yea, it’s an interesting problem. If Nashville ‘banned’ all of the studios, it would KILL the music business economy. I operated a studio for nearly 20 years with no complaints from anyone. I wonder if it’s just a case of ‘one of those’ neighbors.

  13. Hey Kevin,
    Thanks for your Saturday updates – I’m a big fan. I’ve been using the Dropbox method for listening to my mixes for a couple of years now. It works great, but about 6 months ago I got a new car. Ugh, it’s been a lesson in patience as I figure out the new translation from home to vehicle. I guess this Hyundai Sonata’s sound system was created for rap fans. I think I’ve calibrated by ears and the bass control enough to understand that just when the subwoofer kicks in, I’m at the right level for the low end. Ha!
    Steve in Fishers, IN

    1. Aw man… figuring out a new sound system is tough. Just listen to some mixes you KNOW sound good on your new system and hopefully that’ll get you closer Steve. Thanks for the comment.. I missed this somehow..

  14. Hi Kevin.

    I feel your pain on feeling like you work all the time. When you learn the secret to feeling like you are finally accomplishing more during the day than what your stated with, please share that secret. I feel like I am drowning in work all the time. As I’m getting older, sleep seems to evade me even more, and when I get up, I don’t feel like I slept for more than 30 minutes.

    1. For the first time in my life, I feel like I get plenty of sleep. I started gamifying my sleep It’s an app called sleep timer on my iPhone. I think I could sleep better if I would leave my phone in another room.

      Melatonin is also good. I take it most every night.

      When I figure out the work thing, I’ll definitely let you know!!

  15. Hi, Kevin!

    What upgrades did you make to your Pro Tools studio to accommodate a broadcast mix?


    1. I haven’t yet… but mainly, I’ll be buying a device that will let me tap into our Dante network. Once I do that, it should be easy to route stuff from the Stage to the studio and then mixed signal to the production room where it’s sent to the web.

  16. Hi Kevin. Enjoy all the Saturday Summaries! Nice to here about broader interests then only music. But don’t get me wrong I believe EVERYTHING IS BASED IN SOUND, Sound when directed to intricacy with other sounds fascinate me. I have a favorite quote by Sir Yehudi Menuhin.

    “Music creates order out of chaos; for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed,and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous.”
    Have a blessed week.
    Oh yes maybe when you build the bass traps you could pass on photos of progress and measurements regarding cost and design. Hey maybe developing a organized plan book for studio building you could publish a “ how to “…….. book . Just a thought.

  17. You either have muscles of steel or jelly after 3 tons of concrete! I just finished re-landscaping our yard and got completely roasted in the Oklahoma sun! I agree that physical labor is very satisfying for someone who has to sit at a desk all day.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your world with us. You’re such a likable guy and that makes your teaching so effective. I’ll be anxious to get a copy of The Cure. Sounds like a fascinating read.

    I’ve just found a podcast by Adam Grant called WorkLife. It’s become my favorite podcast to date. Adam goes inside busineses who have extremely high employee satisfaction rates and finds the reasons for their success. It’s awesome and so many of the concepts apply to someone in the creative/music industry.

    1. I wasn’t as tired as I thought I’d be surprisingly.

      I’m going to listen to that podcast immediately!

      Thank you for the kind words Richard.

  18. Hi Kevin, just wanted to drop you a note! I’m a So Cal guy and used to live in Yorba Linda (now living in Anaheim) so we’re practically neighbors! Thanks for all that you do, maybe we will bump into one another sometime!

  19. Hi Mr. Ward!

    Je vous écris de Monréal, Québec… (have-you ever been there?)

    This week was a buzzy kind of week mainly because I recently accept some responsibility with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul so I had a big time trying to figure out Who is Who and where is what…

    At the studio, we are working on my last song: “Le Piano”, witch describe the moment of grace that one can experiment by putting his finger on a keyboard on a stormy winter afternoon and discovering something is gone comes out of it.


    1. I have never been to Montreal… I would love to see Canada soon though! When you get done, paste a link to your song here in the comments! I’d love to take a listen!

  20. Thank you Kevin,
    It took me two hours to wright the song and now it takes so long to realize it that I am loosing the sense of it. Well, it was a stormy winter then and now we are in the middle of a very hot and humid summer in Montreal. But the reason is that we want things to be perfect and it’s hard to just let it go and pass to something new.

    I have told my partner: “hey Seb, Mr Ward is “waiting” for our song” but still, +0.25db here and and
    -0.25 db there… and we have a new fantastic plug-in and really it is but… where is the song?

    I think we really need a boss…

    Merci pour le Saturday Summary, c’est vraiment important pour nous.

  21. Kevin,
    Been working on a quartet Christmas mix. Using some of the tips that you have offered up. Love trying new things and especially hearing the differences that those changes make in the mix. Good stuff!


  22. Kevin, thanks for your “deep thoughts.” Saturday morning is actually a good time for me to sit back and assess my week or think about the “bigger picture.”

    You mention Malcolm Gladstone’s podcast, Revisionist History a couple of weeks ago (so good), and I listen to many myself. Here is my recommendation this week: Dallas Taylor’s Twenty Thousand Hertz ( He describes it as telling stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds. All the episodes are great, but if you want to start out with something crazy good, try Amen Break.

    Have a great week.

  23. I believe we are either growing or dying and there is no “in between.” As long as we are alive and growing we are a process and not a product. A process is a fluid, dynamic thing that is constantly becoming. Perhaps if we can keep this is focus we can be kinder and gentler to ourselves and less judgmental. Yes, it is easier said than done!

  24. First of all I am a live engineer but I love learning any tips and tricks I can. So I understand having a template for the Flatirons church but it your using the same effects and dynamics on everything else wouldn’t your mixes all kind of sound the same?

  25. Hi Kevin,
    Have a wonderful time with your family. Merry Christmas and a wonderful happy new year.
    It sure has been a busy and interesting year. accepting and working with medical/health issues,learned a lot, did more mixing, wrote more music and came to find i think i out grown a home studio but cant quite afford to locate myself in a separate building aka Recording Studio. I may research the idea of partnering with some one else in the same reality. That is always a precarious situation as whomever it may be isn’t like my best friend or even a long time friend, usual a starnger with seemingly good intentions but comes down to situation of sticking my neck out.??
    Thanks for all you do and hopefully we all get more done according to God’s plans and will. So to everyone connected to MIXCOACH Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year.
    God Bless,
    Dennis Liszcz

  26. Seems I get a little slower moving into the new year with old business unfinished. 5 years ago or so I prided myself in tying up loose ends as the year ended. I think the health issues I face have much to do with it but I struggle to accept I’m getting slower as I age and need to rethink my expectations. I don’t like that. But I guess accepting it is more important then liking it as then it’s sort of behind me.
    So I guess I’m doing pretty good after all. God bless you and yours. Happy New Year to all.

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