One Simple Way To “Buy Time” While You Learn To Be a Great Engineer

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One simple way to buy time until you become a better recording engineer

I was teaching a group of High School students how to record and edit in Pro Tools this weekend.  One thing I said that really struck a chord. Something I’ve been trying to do for over 25 years.

Learning to mix is one thing.  It’s important for sure.  You have to know how to create workflows and systems that work.

But I think, one thing that will allow you to be able to practice what you learn.

If you can make working with you a catalyst for creativity… if you can have your clients and customers needs come first in what you do…

If you are prepared when they get there… when you have a plan for the day just in case no one else does..

Then people will give you grace and allow you time to get better.

People follow someone with a plan.

What are some ways that you cultivate creativity in your studio? I’d love your thoughts.

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