Simple way to correct phase alignment on Overhead mics

Today I want to show you how to manually line up overheads.  Remember, this probably won’t make a huge difference in your mix by itself, but great mixing is all about the small things you do.


Have you tried this before?  Can you tell a difference?

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  1. Hello
    I have a question about this, if you can answer. To which transient should I align the tracks to? I mean, if I align it to a hit from, let’s say, a crash that’s on the left side of the drums, wouldn’t the wave reach the left OH mic first? And, if we think that way, should I align the OH tracks to the snare track, since it is an element that is in the center and therefore, it’s sound should have reached both mics at the same time? Does this make sense? Thank you!

      1. Thank you for answering Kevin. Ok, the sanre it is :D.
        Since we are talking about aligning here, after I align the OH tracks, should I time align all the other drum tracks to the OHs, let’s say, align the snare track to the snare transients on the OH tracks and the same with all the other drum pieces? What about the room mic, should I align it too? Thanks for the class!

  2. I’ve heard that tracks that start with a dip instead of a
    raised waveform are out of polarity. Could that pose a problem as
    well? I’ve seen it in this example as well.

    1. Hi Lucas. I don’t think it matters whether the waveform starts by going up or coming down as long as they are all doing the same thing.

      Thanks for commenting


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