Surgical EQ on a vocal track- how to use notch eq to correct proximity effect

Justin from YouTube was having trouble getting a vocal EQ’d.  He used a High Pass filter on the vocal, but he said that it thinned out the vocal too much.

Justin sent me a sample of the vocal so that I could assess what the problem was.  What we discovered was that he recorded the vocal too close to the microphone and the track had a bump at around 200hz.  I’ll show you exactly what I did to fix it.

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  1. Hey bro, you always amaze me. I cut some vocals for a girl from out of town, I didnt catch it while she was here, but there is some distortion at some points. I used a Neuman TLM103 ran thru my Avalon, plus I have a DM 2000 mixer, so I don’t know if the distortion was at the mic, the mixer, or the Avalon, lol, however, is there something I can do after the fact to try to clean this up? I can send you the wave if I need to. Thanks

    1. hmmm… usually not a lot you can do unless the distortion is VERY isolated. Sorry Teddy. Any way you can just get her to sing again?.. sounds like a great signal path though.

  2. that was a great Video, I understand why you had to do the EQ like that, but wouldn’t it of been easyer for him to retrack his vocals, it was oveious he was to close to the mic.

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