Simple way to correct phase alignment on Overhead mics

Today I want to show you how to manually line up overheads. ┬áRemember, this probably won’t make a huge difference in your mix by itself, but great mixing is all about the small things you do. [youtube]96Iz4o2tn00[/youtube] Have you tried this before? ┬áCan you tell a difference?

How bad speakers can make your mix sound better [reader Question]

I get very discouraged when my mix sounds good on my studio speakers (KRK Rokit 5’s), it’s nice and sits well in the speakers, then I’ll take the song out to the car and the mix falls apart. … One more tip I can give you is to find a set of speakers that YOUR mix sounds bad and the other mix sounds good on… could be headphones, computer speakers, radio shack speakers… just find SOMETHING that your mix sucks on while the other one sounds GREAT or just good on…