MixCoach Podcast 069: Automating Vocals

This week we are talking all about automating vocals and breaking your mix into parts. Raw Transcript: Announcer: This is the MixCoach podcast number 69. John: On this episode of the podcast we’re going to talk about automating vocals and a simple way to break something down from a huge track count into its individual… Continue reading MixCoach Podcast 069: Automating Vocals

MixCoach Podcast 041 : MixCoach Podcast Season 3 and Automation

In this episode, Kevin and Jon talk about the new season of the MixCoach Podcast, Kevin’s new membership site MixCoachMember.com, and a question about automation. Question:How much automation do you use? Is it minimal? Or do your plug-ins and faders look like a New Years fireworks show?

MixCoach Podcast 030 : Vocal Tuning – “To tune, or not to tune?”

In this episode, Kevin talks about when to tune and when not to tune, as well as, what tuning tools to use in specific circumstances. Question: What tools have you had success, or complete failure, using to tune vocals?