MixCoach Podcast 032 : The Most Under-Rated, Under-Utillized Button on Your Console or Interface

In this episode, the most under-used, and most important button on your console is discussed. Kevin talks about a BIG reason to use this button as well as its multiple applications. Question: What are some other reasons to use this button?

MixCoach Podcast 028 : Live Album Mixing and Recording

In this episode, Kevin discusses live album tracking and mixing. Elements specific to live albums as well as some problems you might encounter in live tracking and mixing situations.   Question: What type of issues and experiences have you had with live albums?

MixCoach Podcast 025 : How to Attract Those First Clients

Alex asks Kevin what can he do to get work after he leaves this internship.  How does he find work and make a living in the recording industry.  Several avenues and topics are discussed to help provide a plan to stay busy behind the console.   Question: What are some different ways you have attracted… Continue reading MixCoach Podcast 025 : How to Attract Those First Clients