Demagnetizing The Mix (Part 2)

In Part One of Demagnetizing The Mix we noted that most mixes begin ‘stuck’ inside an imaginary box between the speakers. We described this phenomenon as the ‘Magnetized Mix’.  One of the first tasks of an engineer is to take concrete steps to ‘demagnetize’ the mix, or ‘unpack the box’, so it can have a… Continue reading Demagnetizing The Mix (Part 2)

Demagnetizing The Mix (Part 1)

Most mixes begin life ‘inside-the-box’.  By this I don’t mean ‘inside a computer’.  No.  In this instance I mean something completely different.  Most mixes begin life inside an imaginary box in between your speakers, and when a mix gets stuck inside this box you have a ‘magnetized mix’.  This imaginary box has a limited frequency… Continue reading Demagnetizing The Mix (Part 1)