MixCoach Playbook – Open a saved preset in Pro Tools

I can’t tell you how many cumulative hours I’ve wasted opening up my favorite plugin and then “tweaking” it until it was right… and then doing the same thing on every other channel I worked on! Watch this. This will save you hours. Did you know about this? Why didn’t you tell me? 🙂 [youtube]CL9zTNFQf_k[/youtube]

MixCoach Podcast 048 : “30 Plays in 30 Days” and Kevin’s “Instant Awesome” Vocal Preset

In this episode, Kevin and Jon talk about the MixCoach “30 Plays in 30 Days” video series that they have put together. They also discuss Kevin’s “Instant Awesome” preset for vocals. Check it out! Question: Do you have a preset you use for “Instant Awesome?” Tell us about it in the comments below!