Get this Awesome Lead Vocal Effect by Adding Delay to your Reverb

Share0 This is an awesome part of a full tutorial Kevin recorded for MixCoach Member. We thought you’d enjoy it! ​In this video Kevin shows you how to create a fantastic vocal effect by adding a delay to the reverb! Check Out MixCoach Member

MixCoach Podcast 068: Layering Effects in a Mix

Layering effects is the name of the game on the MixCoach Podcast this week. Enjoy! Raw Transcript: [Recording: This is the Mix Coach Podcast, Episode 68.] John: On this episode of the podcast we’re going to talk about layering effects as well as layering some of the like samples and that sort of thing and… Continue reading MixCoach Podcast 068: Layering Effects in a Mix

Mixing Tools: The Bus (Part 2 – Sends)

In the first part of our discussion about using the Bus system in your DAW, we talked about creating submixes (routing the main outputs of different sources to a single track). Now we’ll discuss another common way of using buses to send a “copy” of the output signal to additional locations. Using a bus for… Continue reading Mixing Tools: The Bus (Part 2 – Sends)

Exploring Reverb – Part 2

Size Does Matter With Reverb Last week we talked about using reverb for blend. This week we will move on to using reverb to add size. We all know that reverb is about creating space. So, you’d think duh Matt size is a no brainer. Before you jump the gun I’d like to dive deeper… Continue reading Exploring Reverb – Part 2

Exploring Reverb – Part 1

Hello music and mixing junkies! I’m excited to start a new series diving into the wonderful world of reverb. Reverb is a powerful tool in our mixing arsenal that often gets overused and not fully understood. We all think of reverb as a way to add space and dimension to a mix. While this is… Continue reading Exploring Reverb – Part 1