MixCoach Podcast 063: Noise Gates

In this episode we chat about how we’ve used noise gates in the past, as well as some other possible uses. Raw Transcript: Kevin: This is the Mix Coach Podcast, Episode 63. John: On this week’s podcast, we’re going to talk about noisegating: When to use it, when to not use it. What are some… Continue reading MixCoach Podcast 063: Noise Gates

Exploring Reverb – Part 1

Hello music and mixing junkies! I’m excited to start a new series diving into the wonderful world of reverb. Reverb is a powerful tool in our mixing arsenal that often gets overused and not fully understood. We all think of reverb as a way to add space and dimension to a mix. While this is… Continue reading Exploring Reverb – Part 1

MixCoach Playbook – Vocal Delay Trick in Pro Tools

If you’ve seen any of my instructional videos, you’ll know that I’m NOT a fan of automating things that don’t absolutely NEED automation. Sometimes though, you want to “go for the Grammy” on a delay on a vocal. Today’s play is going to show you how I do that without automating anything. [youtube]RQrH-mZDSXM[/youtube]