“The Mixcoach Minute” Debut

Hey Mixcoachers! “The Mixcoach Minute” series is finally here! Please keep your questions coming. We are excited for this series to take off. We will have a new question answered roughly every day or two. Enjoy!

By MattButler

Matt is a tracking and mixing engineer at Backporch Studios and Pathway Studios in Tennessee. He and his father run a music business called Butler Music Group in Nashville, TN where Backporch Studios is located. He is also a talented multi-instrumentalist who gives private lessons from home. He prides himself in being a technical geek and has a passion to help the community of MixCoach in any way he can.


  1. Well said!

    I have a tendency to want to at sleep slap an EQ preset on every track in a mix. I didn’t learn how devastating that can be until recently! I thought that every sound need some shaping, so I would listen to every track soloed out while I tried to emphasize the frequencies the way that I thought was best.

    I learned over time that listening to sounds in the context of the mix helps a lot. I found out that if I would get a good static mix first, without adding any plugins (except for a gain plug-in occasionally), then I could hear the areas of the song where things sounded muddy, and use a little bit of EQ to fix the issues.

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