The “Release Principle” on a Snare drum

This is a video to show you how you can correct a snare that has too much attack for a mix.


  1. thank you Kev for the tutorial
    Hey one question do you have any idea what type or model of headphones that I can use to mix , the way I mix on my makies HR 824’s something that have flat reference? any suggestions for flat reference?

  2. Great tip, I’ll definitely use it next time I get the snare choice wrong on a track!

    I’ve been watching a few MixCoach tips, and while you have a really cool insights I’m finding the videos a little ProTools-centric.

    Just wanted to make the point that just as any EQ will work (you just prefer Waves SSL), this technique will work in any DAW – I use Cubase and I know a lot of guys using Logic, Abelton, or something else.

    It’s great that you offer little tips like enabling delay compensation but please remember that not all of your readers are using ProTools 🙂


    1. Hey Eric. Thanks for the comment. I do realize that some of my readers don’t use pro tools, but it was what I was using when I did the tutorial. These techniques will work with any DAW though.


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