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“Here at MixCoach we’ve got an awesome team of contributors. This is the first post by Matt Butler. Matt is a extremely skilled professional engineer. He’s been taking notes on each episode of “Pensado’s Place” for a while now, and he suggested posting it to MixCoach for anyone who wants the bullet points on the topics covered in each episode. You can definitely look forward to seeing Matt here on the site much more in the future. Enjoy.” – Jon

This week Producer and Mix Engineer François Tétaz (Gotye, Kimbra) talks about working with Gotye on “Making Mirrors”, his work with Kimbra, and shares insights into his recording and mix philosophies in the 110th episode of Pensado’s Place! Here are some of the highlights of what some of us mix engineers might just get some use out of!


  • If you’re dealing with mp3 samples or a heavily compressed data file you have to get to sit in the mix, use a transient designer to bring life back to them.


  • Francois isn’t afraid to use cut/boost setting of 15+- dB if it makes certain elements feel big in a mix, use your best judgement and remember there’s no rules for if it sounds good it sounds good!


  • An often overlooked part of a mix is the overall texture of a mix rather than focusing on each element losing sight of the overall texture of the mix. Less can be more when it comes to a tight, punchy mix!


  • Bring some bright life to a dull acoustic by creating an aux channel to run a high pass filtered distortion in parallel and automate it to slowly increase the effect to build excitement.


  • A book Francois recommends to all mixers is “Your Brain On Music”.


  • Francois’ answers to “The Batter’s Box” questions: Bass- 1176, Limiter- L3, Reverb- Altiverb, Distortion- Marshall Plexi, Vocal Mic- U87, Tape Plug-In- Cranesong Phoenix II, Stranded Island Plug-In- Speakerphone.


By MattButler

Matt is a tracking and mixing engineer at Backporch Studios and Pathway Studios in Tennessee. He and his father run a music business called Butler Music Group in Nashville, TN where Backporch Studios is located. He is also a talented multi-instrumentalist who gives private lessons from home. He prides himself in being a technical geek and has a passion to help the community of MixCoach in any way he can.


  1. Hey Matt. Congrats on the first post and what a great idea for an article series! The Pensado’s Place archive is getting pretty big now and your rundown is a great way to access all of the relevant information. Thanks for doing this!


    1. Thanks @Stone Walters! Many great things to come! Kevin, Jon, and I had a great meeting last week. Lots of new stuff coming soon for the site! I have another article starting this week on how we can defeat the loudness wars! As soon as I can work out the kinks with my screen recorder product reviews are on the way too. I’m very excited for what’s ahead with Mixcoach!

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