When The Fastest Way Seems Like The Wrong Way

When Should You Abandon A Mix and Start over?

I had a thought the other day while driving home. After some setting up for a concert we had at the church, Janna (my beautiful wife) and I left to go home at separate times. She left about 5 minutes before I did.

There are 2 very good ways to get home. One way is to turn left (which is roughly the same direction as my house) the other, you turn right (which feels like it’s going AWAY from my house).

Janna went left (towards) and I left 5 minutes later and went right (away).

The thing is… right is much closer, but it feels like the wrong way at first.

I beat Janna home by at least 2 minutes… which means that the direction that feels long is actually the most efficient way home…

Now, apply this to our mixing.

Have you ever felt completely stuck in a mix? Like you can’t get it to sound better?

Start over.

You heard me right…Save it and start over with a brand new perspective.

Men are especially bad at this… we tend to want to keep going the same direction and “maybe I’ll recognize something”… and you are really just lost.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had computers to crash and I lost everything and had to start over on a mix… and it was better as a result of it.

Forward isn’t always the quickest way… sometimes you wait… sometimes you start over… and sometimes, you have to make a U-turn to get where you are going the quickest….

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