Work Flow Mix – Special Sneak Preview

This is actually the first video of the series.  There are a total of 8 High Definition videos (including the bonus video).

The credits take up the first few minutes of the video.  If you want to get to the tour of my set up, go to 8:03.

Here’s a note:  This is hosted on Vimeo, so, to get the HD mode on, look at the top right of the video and turn it to “on”.  NOTE: If your internet speed is low, it may take a bit longer to load.


Kevin – MixCoach

Videos PLUS Pro Tools Session Files (Best and Quickest Way to Learn!)


  1. This seems great for the person just getting started in mixing, based on this video. Is there a reason that the video without the session files is more than the video with the session files?

    1. Hey Ryan. I have changed the pricing structure (I’ll correct that page) and I didn’t think anyone would want the videos without the PT sessions, so I am only offering the videos WITH the sessions.

      Let me know if I can help.


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