Work Flow Mixing-Jazz and Big Band

This product is now called MixCoach Guide to mixing Jazz and Big Band

Attention: Pro Tools Pros, Recording Musicians, Recording Enthusiasts who want to learn more about Step-by-Step mixing systems that get you peace of mind and repeat business and EVERY TIME….

From: Kevin Ward
Murfreesboro, TN, USA
Monday, 7:34am

Hey There,

Do you wish you had a friend in the music business who would let you look over his shoulder while he mixed a single for an up-and-coming artist? … just to see how he approaches a mix? Do you wish that he would take the time to explain along the way why he’s doing things a certain way?

Good news.

I have THE solution for you!

My New Pro Tools video series called “Work Flow Mixing

I wonder if this has ever happened to you.

Someone sends you a Pro Tools session and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, the tracks are unorganized, it’s a different style of music than you’ve ever mixed before, and you don’t even know where to start.

I know, it’s happened to me too.

I would mix it for hours and not like it. Mix it another way… not like that either. Finally, after running out of time, I would deliver the mix not knowing if they would even like it or not.

I remember on that same mix, calling a friend and asking, “How do I know when I’m finished with a mix”?

My friend said, “Are they happy with it?”

I said, “I think so.”

“Well, I think you’re done.” He said with a question in his tone…

That was almost 20 years ago. I’ve learned SO MUCH since then. I’ve learned how to approach a mix so that my client is sure to be happy with the mix.

In fact, I have developed a system that I use every time I mix. This system allows me to know when I’m done with it.

Now, I can bypass the “second guessing” part. I know when I’m done and I’m almost positive that the clients will be happy.

Let me tell you about my Pro Tools instructional series called “Work Flow Mixing”.

Work Flow Mixing-Jazz and Big Band is 8 High Definition QuickTime videos…almost 4-hours of “over my shoulder” mixing techniques, tips and tools that will give you the advantage of having a “friend in the business”.

Ever have questions like this?

  • Do I start with the drums?
  • Do I start with the lead vocal?
  • Do I mix background vocals or lead vocal first?
  • When do I use a compressor?
  • Why does my mix sound different in my car than it does in my studio?
  • Why does my song sound different on the radio?
  • Why does my song sound good in mono, but not in stereo?

These are all questions I’ve had too. And over the last 20 years, I’ve developed a system to address everyone of these questions. These videos will answer these questions!

In this First Series called Work Flow Mixing–Jazz and Big Band,–We take a look inside a mix that’s not a typical country or rock mix.

It’s a four-piece jazz band – piano, acoustic bass, drums, arch top guitar, four trombones, five saxophones, and four trumpets.

This video is FULL of my personal arsenal of un-known (or should I say, un-shared) Pro Tools mixing techniques. I’ll not only show you all the shortcuts that I use … I’ll even give you techniques that will help your mix sound better and more consistent, help you to mix better and help you finish your mix more quickly.

I’ll help you make your very next mix your best mix ever!

You’ll even have the option of downloading my Original Pro Tools Session File so that you can follow right along with me!

Here are JUST A FEW of the topics that Work Flow Mixing-Jazz and Big Band:

  • What this Video is-and more importantly-is NOT
  • Plug-ins that I’ll use – (I promise you have them all)
  • Setup of the I/O
  • A sneak peek at my custom Mix and Edit windows
  • Be polite to the next guy – Good session etiquette
  • Ready to mix?
  • Mix sound thin? – I can read it on your Phase
  • My MacGuyver approach to producing and mixing
  • Using your eyes to mix
  • Mixing “backwards”
  • Mixing for the Moms
  • Syllable riding
  • 3 ways to eliminate an “ess”
  • Making automation flexible by NOT automating everything
  • Why compression is so important (even in Jazz)
  • EQ-ing the final mix
  • Adding air to a mix
  • The hidden tool in Ozone
  • Outsmarting your ears
  • Tips for pleasing your client.. every time
  • Why you should use a mastering engineer
  • How to print a mix without wasting your time
  • How to save up to 30 minutes on EACH MIX

There’s also a Bonus Video that includes

  • Using melodyne to make your singer “cooler”
  • How to avoid the kind of credit you DON’T want. (neither does the artist!)
  • How to have your 2nd song ready to automate in 5 minutes
  • How to import your own mix template settings

PLUS, access to:

  • My FREE, ever-expanding secret hidden resource page on

My Expensive Coach

Let me tell you a little story about something I did several years ago… where my journey began.

I was mixing a record for the studio that I worked for. I desperately wanted to step up my mix game and get better. So, I talked the “executives” into letting me take the record to Nashville to let this big-shot, high-profile, high-dollar mix-guy mix for one day. We looked at the budget and decided that we could only afford ONE DAY.

I had done my research too. This dude was GOOD. He had mixed most of the hit country and rock songs than you could sing at ANY decent Karaoke night. He was in demand and I was lucky to get him.

Did I mention that he was expensive? 🙂 Add his fee the cost of driving to Nashville, paying for the studio (which was pricey too!) meals, etc…. it’s starting to add up now.

I’ll never forget it. I got to the studio on Monday morning, looked around, poured a cup of coffee. I was watching the parking lot for some fancy sports-car to pull up…kinda like a kid looking for Santa Claus at Christmas! Finally, my un-suspecting teacher had arrived.

We took a few minutes to get acquainted. I gave the masters (2” tape at the time) to the assistant (yep, had to pay him too!), he loaded the tape machine and we listened to “The Song”.

I explained a few key parts of the song to him. He seemed to have a good grasp and a *plan* for the mix (now I understand that he had a system too).

He then looked at me and said, “I will call you at about six hours. There’s a good book store down the street with a coffee shop. You may even want to catch a movie too.”

My heart stopped. He wanted me to leave!

My master plan to Learn how the pros do it was unraveling before my eyes and ears.

After much persuading (Okay, begging), he agreed to let me stay and watch as long as I didn’t ask too many questions.

And stay I did. Every now and then, I would ask a sneaky question and he would unknowingly give me insight into what he was doing and why.

He mixed one song that day. I mixed the remaining nine songs in the following three days.

When I got back to North Carolina, the coolest thing was, Not only did they love HIS mix, but no one could tell the difference between what he had mixed, and what I had mixed. I smiled and sighed it was worth every penny that we had spent because I improved a little bit.

I’m still using to this day much of what I learned that one day that I worked with him.

Here’s the thing. I’m a teacher at heart. I love mixing. The one thing I love more than mixing is helping someone along with the knowledge I’ve gained from the “School of Hard Knocks”.

Since that day in Nashville, I have mixed over 1000 records. I have a system. I go about things in a certain way. I want to show you what I do.

My wife, Janna is always saying, “Why do you keep telling everybody all of your tricks?”

I guess I can’t help it


Against Janna’s better judgment, I’m offering to let you look over my shoulder and learn what I have learned over the course of the last 20 years.

I can be your “friend in the business”. You can look over my shoulder. I’ll show you what I know.

Whether you’re a Grammy-winning mix engineer or someone who’s just learning Pro Tools, these videos will help you.

To this day, I actively seek people to teach me new things about Pro tools about business and about life.

I’ve found that you are never too experienced to learn something.

I have learned systems and methods from people with far less experience than me and I have taught tricks to people with far more experience than me.

So, Here’s what I want you to do..

  • Buy the Work Flow Mixing – Jazz and Big Band now and you will receive 8 High Definition QuickTime movie files to download and KEEP. After you purchase the Movies, you’ll be watching and learning within a matter of minutes.

Just the Videos



Videos PLUS Pro Tools Session Files (Best)


  • Buy the Premium package and in addition to the Hi-Def videos, you will also receive the actual Pro Tools session to work with and practice on. You can work right along with the videos and learn even FASTER!
    • You can actually hear the session audio and mix it yourself
    • You will have the opportunity to mix and compare your mix to mine.
    • You will be able to practice “hands-on”
    • You can solo and listen to how the band was recorded
    • You will be able to hear the “before and after” of EQ and phase correction
    • Buying the Session and the Videos together makes sense (You Save Money!)

Here’s the thing. If you don’t feel that you learned an amazing amount of mixing techniques and mixing systems that you are using immediately, then I’ll be happy to send your money back… no questions asked!


Don’t wait any longer. Click an option now.

Here’s to your success,


P.S. Still not totally convinced?  Want to see the first video?

Just fill this out and I will send it to you free of charge!  How’s that?


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