When to buy new plugins [podcast 74]

PodCast Episode 74

Sometimes you just need a plugin “fix”.  We talk about when WE buy plugins and what the mindset is behind it. Raw Transcript: Announcer: This is the MixCoach podcast, episode 74.[Music plays] Male: On this episode of the MixCoach podcast, we’re going to talk about what is important when selecting what tools are essential to…

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Essential Plugins [podcast 73]

PodCast Episode 73

This week we are talking about what we consider “essential” plug-ins. Raw Transcript: Kevin: This is the MixCoach podcast, episode 73. Jon: On this episode of the MixCoach podcast, we’re going to talk about what plug-ins we consider essential. [Music] Hey Kev, how’s it going? Kevin: Jon. Jon: I was asked the other day what…

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What to listen for in a reference mix

what do you listen for in a reference mix?

I had a question from a MixCoach Member wondering what he should be listening for in a reference mix. Here is his question: What would be a list that you could give me to be mindful of when listening to other songs. I was watching a Dave Pensado video and he was interviewing someone (can’t…

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Creative ways to repair phase problems in your mix [podcast 72]

PodCast Episode 72

Last week we told you how to detect phasing problems in your mix.  This week, Kevin gives a few tips on creative ways to fix phasing problems in a mix. Raw Transcript: This is the Mix Coach podcast, episode 72. On this episode of the Mix Coach podcast, we talk about a bunch of ways…

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Train Your Ears – Part 2: Hearing Compression and Compression Distortion


We’re in the middle of a series about ear training! Last week I detailed a method of training your ears to hear different frequencies and ranges. Click HERE to check that post out! This week I want to touch on how to train your ears to hear compression and compression induced distortion. Over the thousands…

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How to detect phasing problems in a mix [podcast 71]

PodCast Episode 71

In this episode of the podcast, Kevin gives a few tips on how to detect whether or not you have phasing problems in your mix. Raw Transcript: Jon Wright: This is the MixCoach Podcast, Episode 71. [Music] Kevin Ward: On this episode of the MixCoach Podcast, I’m going to show you two surefire ways that…

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Train Your Ears – Part 1: Frequency Ranges


What’s up MixCoachers! Hope you all had a great weekend! A couple weeks ago on MixCoach Member, Kevin and I were asked about resources for training your ears. As I was pulling together an answer with some resources I decided to take the time and send everyone the info! So over then next two weeks…

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Is your tracking room too small?


As many of you know, last month a water pipe burst in Kevin’s studio while he was out and it flooded. Luckily, the computer, instruments, and other gear was high enough off the floor to evade the waves, but the main wall between the control room and the tracking room was ruined. After the shock…

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Two of the Most Common Mistakes Beginning Mixers Make


Here at MixCoach and MixCoach Member we see lots of beginning mixers. We listen to and give feedback on their mixes. Throughout the years we’ve noticed some trends in beginners. Here are two of the most common. They pile on plug-ins. As with everything in life, the best lessons are the ones learned by experience.…

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Time Lapse of studio construction crew tearing down the walls

Reconstructing my studio has been a process.  This video was taken last Friday when the crew tore down my old wall and started building my new wall.  My next post will be on exactly how they built the new wall.  It’s Massive and dense.   More to come

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