Feel More Confidence With Your Next Mix

3 Game-Changing Tips To Get Your Best Mix Yet!

FREE AUDIO GUIDE: How To Improve Your Next Mix – Even With The Same Monitors And Plugins You Already Have

Why Should You Get This Course?

So You Can Stop Guessing If Your Mix Is Good!

There are methods that even the pros use to know whether their mix will translate from studio to car to headphones to radio. You can mix your next song with this in mind.

So You Can Learn How To “Triangulate” Your Mix

Does it matter which monitors you have?  Every monitor tells a different “story”. How can you know if they are telling you the truth?  (You can know at 14 minutes into this audio training) 

So You Can Find The Fast Path To A Pro Mix

How long should it take for you to start getting consistent mixes? Is it a time thing? Should you spend the rest of your life on one mix? It’s in this training.

What MixCoach Fans Are Saying:

Kevin, I think it is safe to say that you clearly have accomplished your goal of being a great teacher. I have learned more in 6 months than the previous year. MixCoach Member is a great site with a great group of people who truly emulate your vision. Thank you.

Tony G. – Mixer

Kevin is one of the greatest mix engineers you’ve never heard of. He’s won Dove awards, worked with tons of artists in the Nashville area and beyond, and he just knows his stuff. On top of that, he has a heart for teaching and breaks things down on such a easy to understand level, even I can learn from the guy! Every time I’m on his site, I learn a new “trick” or technique that I adopt as my own and use forever, he’s that good.Graham Cochrane, The Recording Revolution

Kevin’s teaching made me realize that I could simplify my approach to mixing.He made me realize that just because a track was in a session, didn’t mean I had to use it. His teaching through these videos literally started my mixing career. I’m busier than I’ve ever been… thanks in part to the confidence that I gained from the teaching on MixCoach. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan!Matt Butler, Mixing Engineer / Producer

You can spend 20 years trying on your own or a few months on MixCoach.Tassy Sandor, Mixing Engineer

Be A Better Mixer by TONIGHT!

Free Training from Kevin. This training will help you find where you need to FOCUS to get a good mix, where to find the TRUTH in your monitors, and how to get on the right PATH for a great mix.

Download this audio training (runtime 25 minutes)

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