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Areย you are looking to learn tips and tricks on how to be a more confident mixer?ย If you are, you are in the right place! That’s what I do ๐Ÿ™‚

I started this website in 2010 so that I could teach people how to get ahead as recording engineers and producers.

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I’m Kevin Ward.ย  I live in Murfreesboro, TN with my wife and little girl.

I’ve been engineering, producing, writing, arranging and mixing music professionally since the early 90’s. I’ve always been a teacher at heart (my wife tells me that pretty often)… but when I told her I was starting a website to teach everything I know about mixing… well, she was a little nervous.

You can look over my discography, or my Wikipedia Entry.

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  1. Hello Kevin writing to you from California San Joaquin valley, i’m at 3 weeks from finishing my studio, Don’t have any experience on mixing recording but i’ve been messing around with it since 13, i’m 23 now i’am a musician but this things never stopped bugging me try to leave because i thought i needed ears, equipment, and more and thought didn’t have it, but someone told me a 2 months ago to push it and take it to the next level gave me $5000 boght your video Ready to Pitch and went all the way up i’m very happy would like to get touch with you maybe to bring you here to california and show me how to run a studio i’ll send you pictures of it if i find how, I’m building it in the basement of the church where my dad is a pastor, Crazy! i hope to meet you someday, i came long ways from Argentina south america, Thanks for inspiration and incouragement in your videos God bless!

  2. Hi mister Kevin, I’m Leyla Hernandez, I live in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I’ve been Audio-Technician in live sound since early 90’s. Now I’m working in a Home Studio, I don’t have any experience an I need to learn so much about this area. I saw your video about five things… and I am so glad because I have been practicing according the second Tip of the video, that friend gave me a few days ago. It’s a privilege to know about you and your desire to help people to be better. Blessing!!!

    1. That’s awesome Leyla. I’ve always wanted to visit Honduras! I’d love to hear some of your work. I have many videos that can help you learn studio recording.



  3. Thank you for coming and speaking to our class yesterday. The information you brought was great.

  4. Hello, Kevin,
    I have purchased your Pro Tools 9 Mixer’s Toolkit book and have registered my subscription with MixCoach.com. At the top of the web page I see a link to get the sessions for the book, but from there I get totally lost. When I click on the link, rather than initiating a download it just redisplays the web page and I don’t know what to click on next. Can you please help me?? I would appreciate it!! Thanks.

  5. Hello, Kevin,
    Please disregard my previous post about having trouble with the Sessions download for the Pro Tools 9 Mixer’s Toolkit book. I was under the impression that clicking on the link at the top of the web page for this book would start the download right there and then, but then I returned to my email account and saw the latest email from your site that gave instructions and a special code for getting it and I was then able to download it. Sorry about all this, I’m easily confused. I look forward to working through the book with the sessions.

  6. Hi Kevin,

    I’m a songwriter/composer from Prague, Czech Republic. I have been a musician, engineer for many years now, cutting my teeth so-to-speak, but now I am studying MTFM (Music for the Media) and planning to take my Pro Tools skills to the next level ๐Ÿ™‚

    I bought your (and Nathan’s) book Pro Tools 9 Mixers Toolkit. Can’t wait to get started.

    one thing though, i signed up for the session files, but the link didn’t send me anywhere.

    have a great day everyone !!!

    Stevo ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Stevo,

      Man, I love Prague. I’ve been there about 6 or 7 times recording the Orchestra there at Studio Smecky. You should be able to go to http://mixcoach.com/toolkit-owners-click-here/ and opt-in with your name and email address. The link will be in the response. Please let me know if you have any trouble with that.

      Sorry for the confusion.

      Let’s keep in touch. I’ll let you know when I come back to your beautiful city!


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